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Q: How do you fix a sink that had shortening dumped down the drain?
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Where water goes down in a sink?

the drain.

Does poo go down the toilet or the sink?

It goes down the toilet but if you go in the sink it goes down the drain.

Why should liquid wastes not be dumped into the sink?

Liquid wastes should not be dumped down a sink because they can cause back-up. This liquid waste could also break pipes.

Will anything bad happen because you dropped a battery down the sink drain?

It can allow the drain to block easier. Take the trap off the sink drain and remove it

How do you remove a sink drain?

Unhook the drain from below the sink

Can you dumped the chemical in the sink?

It is not recommended.

What could be causing kitchen sink to not drain when there is no clog?

another clog, further down the drain pipe. You need a drain snake.

Which directoin does water drain down a sink wile standing on the equator?

wile standing on the eaquator the water drains straight down in a sink.

Why should you be careful what you put down the sink?

You shoud be careful on what you put down the sink because if you put something to big down the drain it can get stuck. Also, if you have contacts, you might drop your contacts into the sink.

Why are there holes in the side of the drain pipe of a sink?

They are there so that the water that flows out the overflow skupper runs down and into the drain. When the drain pipe is mounted they end up sealed into the area between the inner and outer bowls of the sink.

What does water run down?

In a conventional household, water from a kitchen or bathroom sink flows down a drain. This drain leads to a storage compartment that is periodically emptied.

Kitchen sink gurgles when upstairs toilet is flushed?

The gurgling in your kitchen sink drain trap is because your drain system from you upstairs toilet is not vented properly. As the flow drops down the vertical drain pipe from the upstairs it sucks the water out of your kitchen sink drain trap and causes it to gurgle. It could drain the kitchen sink trap and allow sewer gas to flow into your kitchen. The fix is to either install an Air Admittance Valve (AAV) in your kitchen sink drain plumbing or properly vent the upstairs toilet drain.

Can the drain on a lavatory sink be 5 inches from the outtake pipe and still drain when connected?

Of course it can as water flows down hill

Can a basement drain be tied into a sink drain?

Heck no as the sink is higher then the basement drain and water does NOT flow up hill BUT it does seek its own level BUT you can connect a sink drain to a basement drain if you properly trap and vent the line

How do you unclog a sink drain full of cooked rice?

Have water in the sink and either a snake or a plunger. Either one will let a few grains go down the drain and eventually it will open. Run plenty of water after it opens to flush out the drain.

Why does your kitchen sink not drain?

There is something stuck in the drain.

What happens if you pour coke-cola down a clogged drain or sink?

You have added soda to the stoppage

Is pouring liquid drain cleaner down a clogged sink a chemical change?

physical change

Is it safe to use dishwasher when sink is stopped up?

NO. The dishwasher drains into the top of sink drain. Unplug or replace the sink drain.

Can you paint a sink drain?


Is you possible to use a foor toilet drain for a sink drain?

You just have to use a reducer to get it down to 1 1/2 or 2 inch.

Can onion skins be put down a kitchen drain?

According to most sink manufacturer's, NOTHING should be pt down a drain (except water) unless you have a garbage disposal.

How do you dispose Pinesol?

The household cleaner Pine-Sol can be safely dumped down the kitchen sink. It is not recommended to do this if the home has a septic tank.

Is the sink overflow made to prevent the sink from overflowing even if the drain stopper is down and the water if fully on?

In my experience, I would say no. Several reasons can prevent the overflow from working. Since the overflow of the sink is rarely used it has a tendency to be blocked at the lower portion where the sink joins the drain pipe. During normal use and over years the holes in the sink drain at the point where the overflow and drain pipe meets has a tendency to clog making the overflow drain slowly. You can notice this when your sink drains with a "gulping" sound. You can test the overflow drain and see how obstructed it is, but do it slowly and do not turn on the faucets on full.

What are some home remedies for a cloged up sink?

Pour very hot water down drain