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rover metro door lockhi,, could you be more helpful,is it the doorlock or solenoid on the remote locking system,,does the key fob work .does the red light come on the dash ?
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βˆ™ 2011-09-13 01:52:41
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Q: How do you fix a sticking lock mechanism on a Rover Metro 100 that stops the door from opening?
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Is there any 14 inch alloys of a rover that will fit on your rover metro?

off the rover metro gta or gti! they change the whole look of the car aswell

Would 15 inch alloy wheels fit on to a 1995 N registration rover metro?

No They will not fit because the rear subfram is in the way.. 14" maximum on N reg rover 100/metro

Current most expensive car in the world?

Rover 1 Litre Metro

What is the biggest rover engine that will fit in a rover metro?

biggest engine to fit is a 1.8 k series engine,no body modifications needed.

Where is the fuse box for rover metro?

There are two fuse boxes located on the Rover Metro. One fuse box is located on the passenger side of the vehicle under the dash. The second fuse box is located under the hood.

Why does the engine tap in a 1999 land rover discovery II?

you probably have a sticking valve lifter.

Where can one find information about the Rover Metro?

Information about the River Metro can be found online on the website Wikipedia. It can also be found in on the website for Metroparks that actually runs this service.

How do drain the fuel tank on a Rover Metro?

Buy a syphon kit at hardware, auto parts or Wal-Mart

What is the spark plug gap on 1994 rover metro?

i need to check what the gap is but need to know the measurements x

How do you fix a Rover Metro 111 gsi if the revs are staying high even after it is warm?

Make sure the throtle linkage isn't hanging.

What are the torque wrench settings for the cylinder head bolts and camshaft bolts for a Rover Metro 1100cc 93reg?

initially you tighten all bost to 28 newton metres then you angle tighten by 90 degrees leave for 5 mins and angle tighten by another 90 degrees this information was supplied to me by a trained rover mechanic i did it on my metro 1.1 on a j reg and it was fine

How do you set a range rover in neutral when its off?

You must have the brake pedal depressed and the key turned to position 1 to release the "shift interlocking mechanism".

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