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What are the torque wrench settings for the cylinder head bolts and camshaft bolts for a Rover Metro 1100cc 93reg?


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2006-04-19 12:54:00
2006-04-19 12:54:00

initially you tighten all bost to 28 newton metres then you angle tighten by 90 degrees leave for 5 mins and angle tighten by another 90 degrees this information was supplied to me by a trained rover mechanic i did it on my metro 1.1 on a j reg and it was fine


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You have not told us for what bolt or nut ?. - There will be almost a whole page of torque settings for that vehicle. Oilpan bolts may be as little as 12 while cylinder head bolts will be around 70 . We have no clue unless you name the bolt.

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