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How do you fix a wet ds?

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You put it in a bowl that is full wiv rice then wait for a few days

make sure it is buried completely so that all of the DS is covered

the rice should ab sorb the water

fish it after about 4-5 days

that was what my teacher Mrs Hallsaid to do

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How do you fix a Nintendo DS that has been wet?

You should contact Nintendo Support.

How do you fix a ds that turn on and off constanly?

get a differant battery for it (it probabaly got wet somehow) or just get a new ds.

How do you fix a ds that has been wet?

U shud contact Nintendo and if that does not work put in a bag of dry rice.

DS flikers on and off And then it turns itself off how does the person fix it?

Charge your DS and it should be fixed. Get a new battery because it might hav gotten wet, but if caused by dropping it then it isn't fixable.

What do you do if your DS breaks?

fix it do do

How do you fix Nintendo DS games?

go to gamestop and they will fix it

How can i Fix a Nintendo DS lite?

you probably would have to send your Nintendo ds lite to Nintendo company t fix it.

Can someone tell you how to fix your DS if your DS will not play DS games?

this is the EXACT same problem my friend had.. The answer.. it's just broken.. :( but you can send it in to Nintendo they'll fix it

Where can you fix a DS Lite for free?

no were

Where to fix a ds lite?

At your supermarket

How to fix your headphones when they are wet?

you cant

How do you fix a ds button?

i would try blowing on and around the broken ds button. if that does not work i would call Nintendo ds customer service and see if they can help fix it.

How do you fix a nentendo ds lite when it will not turn on?

Take it to a DS repair dealer

How do you clean a DS touch screen?

wet rag

How do you fix the Nintendo DS?

la poopoo

How do you clean a DS game card?

you can blow on it if it is dusty but i think that you can actually wet it a little if there is a wet stain on it

What can I do for my Ds that got wet both screens turn on but picture badly distorted?

Take it to a DS repair dealer

How do you fix r4 ds loading screen?

you reformat it

How do you fix the left and right buttons on the ds?

A specialist will have to do it.

Can Gamestop fix an old ds?

No. Call the manufacturer.

How do you fix Pokemon FireRed if it gets wet?

Dry it

Does rice have to be cook to fix your wet cell phone?


How do you fix the top screen of the ds?

tell the people at the store you got it from, and they will either fix it or replace it

How do fix the mic on the DS lite?

probably by going to game stop and seeing if they could fix it.

Is there any store that will fix your DS lite for free?

I dont think they will fix it for free. Sorry...