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when you park your car, at least one of your valves will be open and that is an invitataion for water, or humid air to come in from your intake, and as you know water and iron will rust,so when putting your car away for the winter, pull the spark plugs fog the cylinders with oil and turn the engine over a couple of times and spray again and put the spark plugs back in, pull off the rocker covers and loosen the rocker arms so the valves are closed and you should be ok in the spring

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Q: How do you fix a winter seized engine?
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What are signs of a seized engine?

a seized engine will not turn over. Even using a socket and ratchet on the crank bolt, the engine is not going to move. It is frozen, or seized up.

1983 Toyota pickup engine has cracked block due to winter freeze how do you fix it?

Sorry that's terminal is no fix.

How do you fix a seized air cooled volkswagen motor?

You need to overhaul the engine. Your first mission is troubleshooting: did the engine seize because the pistons seized, or because the main bearings seized? To do so, pull the heads and try to remove the cylinders. If they won't come off, piston seize. If they will and when you have them off the engine won't turn over...bearing seize.

Will a seized engine crank at all?

No. If it did crank over it wouldn't be seized.

How do you check if engine is seized?

When an engine is seized up, it will not turn over. The crank cannot make a rotation. Take hold of the main pulley and try to turn it. When you cannot turn the engine over, it is seized.

What do you look for in a seized engine?

Piston seized to cylinder wall Broken Crankshaft

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