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if its an older one it could possibly in the dome light the two contacts short out take it apart and put new contacts in

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:24:31
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Q: How do you fix an S-10 pickup that continuously blows the TL CTSY fuse when the headlights are turned on?
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What causes a Chevy 1 ton pickup to blows valve gaskets?

check your PCV Valve

Why does my 1998 ford pickup blows only cold air when heater is on?

Because it's broken.

Why my 1994 Toyota pickup blows black smoke and has miss?

most likely timing is off or a bad valve

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What would cause a humming sound when car heater is turned on high?

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How do you install a headlight relay?

I have vintage headlights converted to h4 halogen bulbs, my 30 amp fuse blows when i hit high beam, i was told to install a relay, hoe do i do this??

What can the problem be if your dashboard cluster fuse blows every time you turn on the headlights?

It's a short circuit in the wiring. You'll have to get a multimeter or test light and go over the whole wire for the headlights and check for continuity . If there's a current through it all is what youre checking. Hope it helps .

93 dodge shadow your tail lights aren't working every time you replace the fuse and turn on the headlights the fuse blows whats could be worng and how do you fix it?

Short in the wiring.

How come on a 1991 Lumina one side of the dash blows hot air but the other blows cold air when the AC is turned on?

There's duct work in or under the dash. Check to see if some of this duct work came apart.

As soon as you hook up hot wire to cigarette lighter the fuse blows on your 84 Chevy pickup why?

Load is too large for the circuit, or there is a short in the wire you are hooking up.

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1994 Chevrolet c2500 4x4 pickup and when ever you put it in 4 wheel drive it blows a fuse any ideas?

the 4 wheel drive shift position sensor is shorted out

93 Chevy pickup and the heater just blows cold air?

check the coolant level first, low coolant will cause no heat, always check all fuses just in case

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There should be a coin box thing beneath the drivers side where the A/C blows. Its behind that. -Lj702

Fuse blows on 1997 pickup when put in 4wd?

Hard to say exactly but most of the time when a fuse blows it is cased by a short to ground...this is where a power wire comes into contact with a ground such as the vehicles body or frame...I would check for damaged wires going to the transfer case actuator motor if the vehicle is equipped with one.

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You have a short in one of your fuel injector wires. Check the wires from your fuel injectors for burns or cuts, look for bare wires grounding out on medal.

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