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How do you fix an oil pump pressure relief valve problem on a 1996 Ford Mustang 3.8 V6?


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2015-07-15 20:06:11
2015-07-15 20:06:11

The oil pump on that engine is pretty easy to access and replace, since it's right there on the timing cover. I believe I wouldn't try to mess with replacing just the pressure valve, but I would replace the whole oil pump, pressure valve and all.


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pressure relief valve relief the excess pressure which is developed in the syatem, while pressure reducing valve reduces the pressure and supply it to the system.

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The relief valve is part of the oil pump.

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nothing, its just terminology why A pressure relief valve is a safety device to prevent over pressure in such things as compressor receivers. A pressure reducing valve drops the pressure to the requirements of the user or tool. Such as a demand valve on scuba gear.

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If your pressure relief valve is adjustable, you increase the pressure relief setting.

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Converter relief valve ensures high line pressure does not flood/overrun the solenoid.

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