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Go to the above link and you will probably find your answer. Good luck because I don't know what the problem is with your heater. You didn't specify.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 21:04:24
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Q: How do you fix car heaters?
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Why does gas water heater flame ignite then go out?

You need a new 'thermocouple' . -In older heaters, cheap and easy for a 'handyman' to fix. In new heaters, very difficult to fix. - Google instructions .

Can one get aftermarket car seat heaters installed?

You can get aftermarket car seat heaters installed at most local mechanics. You can also install your own car seat heaters if you follow instructions provided by websites such as heat Your Seat and Heated Seat Kits.

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fix my car

Why is there no heat inside the car?

because the heaters broken

Do portable car heaters work?

Yes, portable car heaters do work, but it is best to look at reviews of different kinds before purchasing them. Make sure to check whether it is simply a car heater or a car defrost/defogger.

Why is heat not blowing out when you turn the heat on in your car?

Car heaters need a few moments to warm up.

What is the highest watt I can purchase a portable car heater in?

Most car heaters do not exceed 300 watts.

Where do heaters work best?

Heaters work best set on floor allowing the hot air to rise through the car and heat more air.

How do you fix error 33 in Osaka fan gas heaters model 43-563?


Does Auto Zone sell portable car heaters?

no, you will have too order them online,

How can you get Cash to fix my car through the California smog program?

need help fix my car

Why your car not blowing any hot heat out at all?

b/c your heaters broken

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i have no clue

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Does not changing the air filter in your car result in the heaters not working?

No you probably need a new heater

How do you fix car battery cable corrosion?

Don't fix it...replace it.

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Pool heaters come in several different models. Electricial heaters, propane powered heaters and solar powered heaters are the most common.

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