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To replace the lights in the instrument cluster, around the gauges and stuff, you have to remove the whole gauge cluster. The following steps worked on my 2002 4 door LX sedan.

1: Remove the 3 hex head screws on the top of the black gauge bezel.

2: Unsnap the two tabs on the right and left of the sterring column cover, these hold the top cover of the column on, which is attached to the gauge bezel.

3: Pull the bezel out towards you, it is held in by several snap clips, just gently pull on it and they will come out.

4: After the bezel is removed you should see the entire gauge cluster. It is held in by four more hex screws, remove these. Then carefully pull the cluster out so you can get at the single plug on the back.

5: There should be a small black lever on the plug, move it towards the other side of the plug, and it will push the plug out. (It might be hard to move but it will move, DO NOT use tools to pry on this as the plastic is kind of weak.)

6: Finally pull the cluster out, and on the back you should see the lights, I believe they twist out, but have not had to remove any of mine yet. Just pulled the cluster out to replace it.

To reinstall just reverse the process. For the plug, just set it back in the socket, and slide the lever the other way, it should pull it self in.


Sounds like you may also have a bad fuse. Dash and parking lights are often supplied by the same one.


Had the exact same problem w/same lights. On my 2000 SEi it was Fuse #32 in the underdash fuse panel. However, check your owners manual for fuse panel diagram to make sure your fuse is the same.

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Q: How do you fix dash and parking lights on a Ford Focus?
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