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You have to replace it. They are designed to leak when they are going bad.

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Q: How do you fix leak water pump in car?
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How do you fix leak in water pump housing?

Replace the water pump.

How do you fix a leak on a windshield washer pump?

Get a new car

Is there any quick fix for a water pump seal leak?


How do you fix a coolant leak in a 91 ltd crown Victoria?

Look for a leaking hose, water pump, or raditor find the leak and fix it.

How to fix a possible water pump leak?

You can try putting some "Stop Leak" in your radiator, but the only proper way is to remove the water pump and replace the gasket and the Pump too if it's leaking.

How do you fix a water pump leak?

if the water pump is bad most vehicles have a wheep hole as a sort of warning. if this is the case replace the water pump and any seals relating.

Why would a 1995 pontaic grand am leak anti-freeze and how do you fix it?

Check out the water pump or heater core where does it leak? DB

How to fix a water pump leak on a 2001 Nissan XE Pickup truck?

your water pump has to come off then you need an new gasket put back on

What to do about a fuel leak in your car?

Fix it.

How do you fix an antifreeze leak on passenger side of car?

You have to determine the source of the leak then decide on how to fix it.

Gas leak somewhere above your gas tank on a 2002 Honda accord Is there any way to fix the leak without dropping the gas tank?

Look inside the car above the fuel pump for an access panel. If there is none, you will have to drop the fuel tank to fix the leak if the leak is at the fuel pump. You need to determine exactly where it is leaking.

How do fix a 91 jeep water pump?

you go in the car and finger yourself

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