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There should be approx. 3 little strings at the base of the miniblinds. These are how you can level them. If they are up in the base, use a pair of tweezers to pull the string out. Once you have a grip on them, tie a simple knot where you want the base of the blind to stop. Continue on the other strings if necessary.

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Q: How do you fix mini blinds that will not stay up evenly?
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How do you fix mini-blinds?

One of the most common problems on mini-blinds are slats that have been damaged or broken by pets or children. The slats on your mini blinds can be replaced. What you will need to do is un-string the blinds to remove the damaged slat, and then restring the blinds with a new slat. Restringing is fairly simple. You just have to thread the cord back through the holes and tie a knot at the end to hold your blinds in place. Another common problem of mini blinds is the tilt mechanism. You can replace the tilt mechanism with a new one. After you have purchased a new tilt mechanism that fits your brand of mini-blind, you will need to remove the end caps on the top of the mini blind so you can get to the tilt mechanism. You can easily pop the old mechanism out and snap the new one in. Then replace your end caps and your tilt wand, and the tilt feature on your blinds should work correctly. If your blinds are extremely damaged, you can easily replace them. When doing so, buy the same brand of mini-blinds that you already have. If you stick with the same brand, the brackets should match up, so you should not have to replace those too. Then, you can just slide the old mini-blinds off the brackets and slide the new ones into place.

Are there repair kits available to fix broken blinds?

Yes there are repair kits for fixing blinds

How do you fix broken cords on blinds?

With the low cost of mini-blinds it is easier to replace them. If you are talking about more expensive items i.e. Vertical blinds, wooden louvered blinds etc. Then remove the blinds from the wall and lay them flat and spread out on the floor. If the cord is still attached but severed at some point you can find the same size cord and attach the new piece to one of the ends of the old cord and "snake" it through until the old cord is completely replaced. I have fixed several vertical blind in this manner but I feel that it maybe a difficult and tedious job for mini-blinds. Good Luck! Douglas

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The trick is getting the gear that is holding the strings in place to let up. Generally you can pull straight down on the cord and while pulling down, gradually pull cord toward center of blinds. If this does not work try turning the gears using the wand (change the angle of the blades is the x direction). This should release some of the tension on the mini blinds and get them to close(y direction). If this doesn't work try using something small to manually manipulate the gear (gently) to one side. I do stress that if you have the blades turned all the way in the x axis then they will not move.

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The repair will depend on what has broken. If the chain has broken it will need to be replaced. If an internal part is broken the manufacturer may be able to supply you with repair parts.