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How do you fix moonroof leaks?

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How do you fix a moonroof on a 1990 Lexus?

Fix a moonroof first you need to know what's the defective part. In most cases the part that break the most is the SUNROOF MOTOR. I hope this will help you.

How do you fix the moon roof on a Montero?

I was able to fix mine by vacuuming out the tracks and lubing the jack screws. No problems now (with the moonroof that is).

How do you fix a leaking moonroof in a 2005 Buick Lacrosse?

on each coner in the front of the moonroof there are holes that a hose runs down the A-frame of the car for drainage check to see if block use a stiff wire

How do you fix leaks in a convertable top car?


How can I fix air conditioner leaks?

You will not be able to fix air conditioner leaks by yourself. You will need to find and call a qualified technician. Use your local yellowpages book or

How to test expedition coolant system leaks?

How To Find & Fix Coolant Leaks

How do you fix in ground pool leaks?

use Jose ortiz

How do you fix moonroof on 97 Lincoln markv111?

You didn't mention what is wrong with it, like it won't tilt, move, close. If it is stuck open etc. there is a small panel in the back seat area, look up and there is a panel that you can remove and a wrench is there that you can manually move the moonroof.

2001mitsubishi spider top leaks both sides?

how i can fix top leaks in both sides(eclise spider 2001 gs)

How do you fix vacuum leaks on 1984 Eldorado?

Replace hoses and fittings

How do you fix oil leaks from push rods on a Harley?

ask a mechanic

Mitsubishi eclipse spider 2001 top leak fix?

fix top leaks (mitsubishi spider 2001)

Do engine stop leaks work?

I can say from experience that Restore will stop engine oil leaks. Beyond that I have no idea. NO, they are only a temporary fix.

91 accord leaks two streams of coolant from radiator when warmed up?

You need to fix these leaks or replace the radiator

How do you fix your air conditioner if it is losing liquid and will not get cold?

Have the A/C lines checked for leaks.

Oil leaks out and crack in motor can this be fix easy?

No. Get rid of the car or replace the engine!

How do you fix 91 explorer oil leaks?

I can't answer this question because i don't know it.

How do you fix a home ac system that leaks water?

Find the source of the water and correct it.

How do you repair a 1999 Honda Civic sunroof?

remove the headliner remove the old moonroof install new moonroof replace headliner

Does a sunroof or moonroof in a car slide back all the way open or do they both?

sunroof pops up,moonroof slides back.

Your truck leaks transmission fluid what is the problem and how do you fix it?

Replace the front seal which is located by the spline.

How do fix the heistation on a 1994 Honda Civic?

check for vacuum leaks, broken hoses and hisses.

How do you fix leaks in the thermostat housing of a 2000 crown Victoria?

Buy a new housing....not that expensive

How do you fix in-ground PVC pipe leaks?

Dig it up and replace the leaking section.

Does crx dx have moonroof?

no only the Si version will have a sunroof. HF and DX versions do not come with any type of moonroof nor sunroof