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Check out this web site www.cflwindowregulators.comthey can help you.

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Q: How do you fix or replace a power window cable on drivers side for a 1992 infiniti Q45?
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How do you fix the cable inside the drivers door to the power window of a 1997 dodge caravan?

replace window regulator assembly.

How do you replace window cable on a 2000 Chevrolet silverado pick up truck drivers side?

The cable runs through and is coiled inside the motor. It is advised to replace as an assembly.

How do you remove window cable from 2000 Jeep?

You will have to replace the complete window regulator assembly.

How do you replace the cables on a window of a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis?

You have to replace a whole thing, not only a cable

How do you install power window cable in 2002 Chevy Tahoe?

You must replace the entire regulator.Here's how

How do you relace the cable on a power window in a 2001gmc pick up?

Can't be done. You must replace the entire window regulator.Here's how

How do you replace Expedition drivers front door cable?

Need more info. Exactly what front door cable are you referring too...

How do you replace broken window lift cable of electrical window in ford focus?

need diagram of focus electric windows 1999

How do you fix a cable on an electric window on a 2004 Chevy epica?

To fix a cable on an electric window on a 2004 Chevy Epica you need to first gain access to the wire by removing the door panel. From there, you can either fix or replace the cable.

Window will not go up on a 2000 gmc Yukon on the drivers side broken cable?

yes!i would bet on it..the cable gets tangled in the motor and freys and snaps..

How do you replace the cable in the driver side window on a 2001 Mazda protege?

The cable cannot be replaced. Roger (AKA as Einstein by his many friends) said to remove the panel, drill out the rivets and replace the unit.

How do you fix an electric window in a 2000 vw cabrio?

The most common problem with Cabrio auto windows is the Window regulator. Each window has it's own. My wife also owns a 2002 Cabrio, that had a mis-behaving window driver window and the passenger was locked in the up position. After inspecting the drivers window, I found one of the cable roller guides was broken, causing the cable to snag when using the window open / close, and resulting in the window seeming to have a mind of it's own. I had a local garage order the regulator for me, and then I disassembled the drivers door and installed the new regulator (problem is now solved). The passenger window was bound up, I also had to remove the regulator and let loose the tension in the cable system by carefully removing the cover over the cable roller. This window works fine now as well.

How do you fix a broken cable for the power window on the drivers side of a 96 rodeo?

Fixing the cable on the power windowThere is no way to fix the cable, you'll have to get a new power window regulator. You can get them from lot of different places. I got mine from eBay for $75 with the motor but you can get it for aroud $50 without the motor. It seems to be around the same price everywhere I've found it.

How do you fix rear electric window on a Renault Megane Dynamique that has jammed Not a fuse problem?

A rear electric window that has jammed on a Renault Megane Dynamique might be termed off cable. This means that the mechanism for raising and lowering the window (the cable) might need to be replaced. To replace the cable, the door panel needs to be removed.

How do you fix a window cable that is twisted over itself on a 2002 Durango?

You need to replace the entire regulator assembly.

What does it mean if you hear the window motor running when you push the switch but the window still doesn't move?

The cable has slipped off a guide or is broken. The regulator is toast. Replace it. Here's a post on how to do it.

Drivers door window won't go down or up in our 98 Crown Victoria and when we opened it a cable was laying on the bottom and we want to know how to fix it?

You will have to get a window regulator plastic cable to repair. Will have to remove window regulator motor assembly from door. Plastic cable is usually found in the help section of Autozone store. Can also be gotten at other parts stores also.

How do you replace a broken window cable on a 1993 Mercedes SC400?

You will have to remove the door panel and replace the regulator assembly. In some cases it comes as an assembly with the motor.

How do you repair a window regulator that growls half the way down then stops on a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid?

the cable is frayed ,you will have to replace the window regulator motor assy.

How do you fix cable in drivers door so the electric window of 1997 dodge caravan will work?

If the cables have failed, the entire regulator needs replaced.

How can you repair the cable for the drivers side window on a 1999 Mazda Miata and where can you find a diagram for it?

how do you run the wire for the power windows on a 91 Mazda miata

Cable not connected on window regulator?

Replace the regulator. Once the cable comes off, it's toast. That usually means there's a broken plastic guide. They cannot be purchased separately.

Replace clutch cable on a sportbike?

Replace clutch cable on sportsbike

How do you fix a drivers side window on a grand am gt 2004 that has come off its track?

When a window goes off track on a 2004 Grand Am GT, the door panel has to be removed. The cable for the window is then reset on the track or repaired and the door panel put back on.

How do you repair the power window on a 1999 ford crown Victoria when the cable is all tangled up and window loose?

Cut the cables with a side cutters. Tape the window up until you can replace the regulator. The old one is toast