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That depends, what are the rear brake problems? If the brake shoes are worn down, they can be replaced. Whenever replacing brake shoes make certain that you check the drum and have it "turned" if there are any ridges. If the brake shoes are out of adjustment but not worn out it might just be that your self-adjusting mechanism is faulty. Check that the star adjuster is not corroded and can turn properly. If there is any kind of fluid present it could be a wheel seal and the differential is leaking oil into the brakes, lubricant doesn't work well with brakes and will cause them to not work, or it could be a brake slave cylinder leaking brake fluid. It can also be caused by a faulty brake proportioning valve which you will find bolted to the inside of the frame directly behind the front drivers tire. If this is the problem i suggest paying someone to make the repair for you.

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2007-04-12 02:19:50
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Q: How do you fix rear brake problems?
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Rear disc ? if it is rear disc brakes there is a drum brake in side of the rear rotor that is your parking brake and has an adjuster in it if you pull the rotor off.

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you fix it dude

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change out your wheel cylinders..

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To fix a rear driver's side brake line on a 1994 GMC Sierra 4x4 at a shop can run as high as $300. The parts can be purchased to repair the brake line for under $50.

How do you fix a brake line on rear tire?

You first need to tell us what exactly is broken.

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Actuate the E brake 20 times in a row ... usually will adjust ... if not you may have worn rear brake shoes or other problems there

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Try adjusting the rear brakes.

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I had the same problem. I found a ground contact failure in a rear light bulb socket. If you check this connector your problem will be solved.

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There are many problems that come with owning a car. If a Left rear brake and turn signal do not work, a person should check the fuses, bulbs and wiring.

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