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It is the CV joint within the axle. I would replace it with the entire axle assembly.To save money I would buy a good used axle then bring it to a local garage.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-24 12:52:46
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Q: How do you fix the clicking noise while turning on a 2001 KIA Sephia Is it the CV boot How easy to fix?
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What causes clicking from engine?

If clicking while trying to start then might be a bad starter. If clicking while running, then might be valve/lifter noise.

Wont start makes clicking noise when you turn it over?

Does the engine turn over and then make the clicking noise while trying to start, or does it not do anything but make the clicking noise when you turn the key. If its not turning over at all then it might be a battery problem, Try cleaning the battery terminals, and/or charge the battery, Could also be the starter solenoid, but start with the battery first.

Clicking noise while starting car?

If just clicking and not starting, most likely a dead battery.

Your dodge Dakota is making a clicking noise only when accelerating What is it?

Its usually a U joint. Click under acceleration . While turning,a CV joint. Grinding or moaning is usually a bearing.

Clicking noise under your steering wheel while your car is off?

it is the door alarm

What would indicate that cv joints need replacing?

The first thing you usually notice is a clicking while turning. After a while, you will hear it all the time and louder when turning.

Starter is clicking while turning engine over slowly?

Maybe some shims will help.

2003 alero makes humming noise while driving?

most likely bad cv joints or wheel bearings. If the bearing is bad it will produce a loud whining noise the faster you go and if it is a cv joint it will make a clicking sound turning corners or when backing up with the wheels turned.

Why is your 86 celebrity making noise while turning?

You did not describe the noise so here are a couple of thoughts: The front struts will sometimes make a thumping noise going thru turn if they are worn out. CV joints will often make a clicking noise going thru turns when they are failing. When the CV joint fails completely it will often lock up and you won't be able to steer the car.

Is replacing a wheel bearing on a 95 Honda Accord a do-it-yourself project?

Who diagnoised this as a c/v joint noise? Roaring is wheel beaarings. Clicking while turning is c/v joints. The bearings aren't easy to change.

How many things can a bottle nose dolphin do while swimming?

it can sleep play eat make a funny clicking noise

What causes a grinding noise while turning at slow speeds?

I'd try changing tires, worked for me.

Why does a 1990 Toyota corolla dx make a niose when it makes a left turn?

If the noise is a clunking or clicking type noise, it's probably your CV boots. Costs 300 or so to replace for each side. These begin to make noises when turning when they are going bad, it's best to replace soon after the noise starts because they can be a huge problem if they break while you're driving.

What may cause a clicking noise from the engine of a 1995 Pontiac Firebird or even shut down while driving?

If there is a clicking noise get it to a mechanic you engine is blown and may be saved. Most likely you'll need a new one because a lifter is broken and it would be cheaper.

What causes a knocking noise to occur during normal driving while slightly turning right.?

tie rods

97 Chevy silverado Truck makes a popping noise turning right while braking and turning?

you might want to check your left side wheel bearings

Why your car makes clicking noise while driving it iS A 2000 Dodge Stratus?

One or both of you're drive axle bearings is dry

Why is bike making a clicking noise but not starting?

You have to put your feet on the pedals... then push down to roll forward and move your feet in a circular pattern while steering with the handlebars. The clicking may be your chain rubbing on the derailer

Why would you hear cranky noise while turning steering wheel?

It could be low fluid in the power steering pump.

What does it mean when a 04 Nissan sentra makes a popping noise in reverse while turning?

could be a contant velocity joint

What causes a ringing noise in your car when you break and turn?

The Most Common Problem When You Hear A Noise While Turning Is The CV Boot. Rubber Boot Will Tear And you Hear It On Every Turn.

Why does your 1997 eclipse rs shut off while driving and have a clicking noise coming from the engine?

Mine was the egr valve fixed the shutting off

1999 ford f-150 clicking noise when heater is not on?

Change the blower fan speeds to see if the noise changes. It is possible that the fan is still running while the heat is off, and the fan is rubbing.

What would cause a grinding noise while accelerating and turning hard in a 1998 Plymouth Voyager with the 3.0L engine?

It sounds like you have a bad CV joint. Often times the rubber boot covering the joint will go bad after a while and allow dirt and moisture in the joint, causing noise, most noticeable on turning.

A 2001 Honda Civic LX 130000 miles the engine makes a clicking noise while running and the clicking speeds up or slows down with the rpm's any suggestions?