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I use to one of those cars. Here's some friendly advise. Find a trained eletrical expert, one who would be able to help you track down the wires that lead to it. It is one BIG eletrical mess.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-03 17:29:46
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Q: How do you fix the door lights on a 1991 Lincoln continental?
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How do you erase garage door opener in Lincoln continental 2001?

how do you clear codes on a 2001 Lincoln continental garage door opener

Where are the door sensors located on a 97 Lincoln Continental?

the door sensors are part of the door latchinside the door

1997 Lincoln Continental Front Door Repair Diagram?

What are you trying to repair on the door?

How do you install a door jam switch in a 1999 Lincoln continental?

The switch is part of the door latch

How do you replace window motor in Lincoln Continental?

The window motor on a Lincoln Continental is replaced by removing the door trim, disconnecting the wiring harness to the motor, and unbolting it from the door. A new motor can then be mounted and hooked up.

What does CE mean on the door wood of a 2002 Lincoln continental?

CEDAR maybe.

How do you change bulb on Lincoln Continental door?

It has to really really want to change

What would make the dome lights stay on in your 98 Lincoln continental?

I had a similar problem in my 96 continental to make a long story short one of my door ajar sensors was bad when driving cluster would read door ajar replaced sensor for about 125.00 and havent had a problem sense

Where is the door open sensor on the 1997 Lincoln continental?

Ford usually has sensors inside the door on top of latch

How do you fix electric door lock on 2004 Lincoln Continental?

LS or town car

Will the car chime when the key is not in the igntion when the door is open in a 1991 Lincoln continental?

It's not supposed to , but I have noticed it will happen on my Ford Explorer once in a while and I have to insert the ignition key and then remove it again

Why wont your cabin lights come on when you open your driver side door on your 95 Lincoln?

Check the push button that actuates the lights by the door hinge or check your fuse

What is the difference between 1978 continental town coupe and and Mark V?

There is no such model as Town Coupe. There is the Lincoln Continental Town Car which is a large 4 door sedan. The Lincoln Continental Mark V is the coupe version of that car.

How do you unlock a Lincoln Continental with a key?

Put the key in the door lock and turn it one way or the other until the door unlocks.

The interior lights flashing on and off in your 2000 Lincoln continental after the vehicle is shut off?

The door latch grounds itself to chassis ground when closed. your problem involves a little corrosion in and around the latch. The simple fix is to spray a good amount of WD-40 on all door latches. It worked on my 10998 Lincoln

Where is the door ajar switch on a 1996 Lincoln continental?

sprayed latches with wd40-===prob was gone.

How do you fix a driver's door open warning on a 1999 Lincoln Continental?

Spray the latch (in the door) liberally WD40 open and close the door many times and then spray with silicone

2001 continental interior lights wont turn off?

The interior lights may sometime stay on due to accumulation of dirt in each door latch. Clean out all 4 door latches and remove grit. You can use silicone or WD40. To much WD40 will cause additonal dirt to accumulate so use sparingly. This will repair the door adjar error and allow the interior lights to work correctly. This is common on all 1995-2002 Lincoln Continentals and cleaning the door latch area will clean the sensor.

Why do the interier light go on and off in my 2000 Lincoln continental?

the keypad on the door is no good. either replace it or disconect it

How many speakers are in the 2001 Lincoln continental with the alpine system?

five, one in each door and a sub in the rear.

What car was driven in Rolling Kansas?

The car the boys drove was a 1969 Lincoln Continental 4 door sedan.

Where is the gas door button on 1991 Lincoln town car?

on the dash to the right of the steering wheel

Why do the door ajar and interior lights stay on in a 1991 Ford Aerostar?

Check the plunger switch in the door. Sounds like it is shorted closed.

How do you open fuel door Lincoln Continental?

the manual pull for the fuel door is located in the trunk will hopefully see a wire with a tag on it...same side where you put in the gas

Inside light comes on when stopped in Lincoln Continental 2000?

When the car is moving, the interior lights fade out, right? I just purchased a 1998 Continental and it is doing the same thing. However, my message display says "door ajar" so one of the 3 doors either is not closed or the switch inside the latch is dirty. Sometimes it's the drivers' door, but the display will show "Drivers door ajar". A couple of shots of WD40 in the door latches of all doors will correct that problem.