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high intermittent idle is not a problem it is idling up to keep fan running at right speed to keep engine at correct temp

That is if it's hot.

Please state more information on your engine and what you've done to troubleshoot the problem so far. Mine does this too, maybe a Ford characteristic?

Ok had this problem too and wonder if this is the problem with all the Toyota's too.

1996 2wd manual 4.0 would race to 3000 rpm and randomly the engine would quit. the check engine light came on and i checked it with an obd 2 scanner. came up with p1307 engine idle control undesired engine speed. went to auto zone and purchased part number ac473 engine idle control valve for about 50.00. replaced valve on top of engine on driver side in about three minutes. problem was corrected and no more problems. just wanted to help because i have learned so much from others on the internet about car repairs. thanks Gary Day.

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How do you fix idle problem on 1998 Ford Ranger XLT It idles high intermittently - when you engage clutch it returns to norm idle It is not the fan thing it idles 3500-4000 rpm sometimes cant shift.?

If your truck has a "throttle position sensor" then that's where I'd start. The fact that it's an intermittent problem is a good clue that it's a sensor going bad. Also, it won't necessarily trip your "check engine" light. Mine didn't.

1987 Ford Ranger cranks but does not fire what could be the problem?

check map sensor that was the problem in my 89 2.3 ranger

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I had this problem before on a ranger you have to pull the dash board out and it will be right there.

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I have a 1999 Ford Ranger with an automatic transmission, two wheel drive 3.0,V 6. The problem is in the reverse shift with no do I correct this problem?

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It`s a Ford.

1995 ranger check engine comes on shows miss fire?

my ranger did the same thing you need to check the wires and the plugs or your o2 sensor behind your cat if ths wont fix the problem you have a serious problem!

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How do you turn off the check engine light on a 2000 Ford Ranger?

A check engine light means you have a possible problem with the emission system , you should get the Ranger scanned for trouble codes to diagnose and repair the problem . Once the problem has been repaired the check engine light can be reset.

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your transmission is going

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