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I believe that your model has a lifting lever, and not a lift wire. You have to replace the regulator assembly to fix this system. There is a possibility that a nylon slide may have become disconnected. When you replace the regulator assembly, be advised that you will have to drill out some rivets and replace them with bolts when you re-assemble the system. This will be a big project, if you decide to do it yourself. Contact us for more information on the full procedure befory attempting it yourself.

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โˆ™ 2006-07-09 21:22:19
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Q: How do you fix the lift wire for the power window on a 1993 Ford E150?
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What question

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OPfYll cyendpxecxcl

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Easy, just stroll into a ford dealer, ask for a new fuse, then ask where they go. He will show you.

What is the difference in an e150 ford van verses an e250?

e150 is a half ton and an e250 is a 3/4 ton

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