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How do you fix the problem when trunk light is always on in driver side display panel in 1995 Toyota Camry V6 Wagon?

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You can try rebooting the computer in the car by removing the Positive Battery cable for apox. 5 min.. and then replacing it ... or perhaps it has a bad swith in the trunk itself.. i would check it and "reboot" good luck

rebooting wont do anything. there may be a switch right on the lamp itself in which case you would turn it to either "off" or "door". if not, the latches may have switches that are faulty and need to be diagnosed and replaced as neccessary.

2015-07-15 21:19:59
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Q: How do you fix the problem when trunk light is always on in driver side display panel in 1995 Toyota Camry V6 Wagon?
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