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Locate all the linkage points under the car and observe how they are binding and where they are binding. Lubricate the rubber bushings with Silicon spray ONLY.

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Q: How do you fix the shift gear stucked problem?
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What are the possible problems when a 1996 Toyota Corolla won't shift out of first gear?

The main problem with any vehicle that will not shift out of gear deals with the transmission. This is a problem where the transmission may need to be replaced to fix it.

What will fix the overdrive light from flashing between 1 and 2 gear shift?

what will fix the overdrive light from flashing in a 1996 mercury grand marquis its a gear ratio problem between 1 and 2 shift

How to fix spam problem?

its boring too much coz am stucked i can send my emails

Why and how do you fix 1996 grand pre second gear shift light?

To fix a gear shift light, the first thing that needs to be done is checking the fuse box to make sure that all fuses are intact. The reason you would fix a gear shift light is, so you know what gear you are in. Driving in the wrong gear can cause transmission problems.

How do you fix a sloppy gear shift on a 1998 ford explorer?

Replace shift linkage Replace shift linkage

How do you fix a gear shift that is stuck on a 2005 Trailblazer?

how to change shift cable on 04 trailblazer

How do you fix gear linkage in 1999 navigator TRUCK?

You can fix a broken linkage in a 1999 Navigator truck by simply adjusting its Gear Shift.

What if your rear derailleur is one gear up and doesn't shift into 1st even if it is shifted into any gear it goes up one gear how do you fix this problem?

Several things can match that vague description. check out, or for more hints and help on how to fix it.

How do you fix when gear shift get stuck in park in Honda Odyssey?

What to do when the gear is stuck in park on a Honda 2001

How do you fix a loose gear shifter on 1995 f 150?

Follow this link: It walks through how to fix this problem. Good Luck.

1989 Jeep Wrangler stuck in gear 1st gear?

your shift lever bushings are bad, easy fix.

How do you fix a stuck gear shift on a 1999 ford explorer?

bring it to a mechanic...

How do you fix a Honda that jumps out of gear and wont shift back into gear unless the car is restarted?

Push it off a cliff.

Is there a simple fix for a stiff gear shift in a 2005 Hiace Commuter bus?

Hey mate - Im in the same boat as you. Did you ever end up resolving the problem ? Cheers

1989 560 sec will not shift into gear?

Check the linkage from the gear selector (shifter) to the transmission. It may have come loose. If it's intact, check your transmission fluid level. If this doesn't fix the problem, then you'll have to have it towed to the shop.

2000 ml Mercedes is stuck in park what caused it and how can you fix it you need a diagram of the problem?

temp. fix. I had to use a pen to press the button inside of the gear box (there is a small hole under D) in order to shift out of park.

How do you fix a light on a gear shift on a mercury tracer?

When I asked how much it would cost to replace the gear shift light on a Toyota Echo, I was quoted about $100 from the dealership! (Most of the cost is labor).

HOW TO FIX Broken linkage in 1999 navigator truck?

You can fix a broken linkage in a 1999 Navigator truck by adjusting its Gear Shift.

How do you replace the shift interlock on a 1998 Saturn SL1?

I don't know how to fix it perse, but we ran into the problem in my roommate's 98 SL2 where it was sticking and locking the key in the ignition. The problem was the actual mechanism where the shift lock connects to the gear shift was stuck or malaligned or something, if you pull out the cupholder and wiggle on it it seems to unstick it. I'm thinking a good cleaning should hopefully fix it permanently. I'm not even sure where to buy a replacement interlock.

What are the reasons why your shift gear locks on your 2005 dodge magnum What do you do to fix It?

Blown brake light fuse.

Gear shift stuck in park?

sometime when you step on the brake to remove it out of park the relese gets stuck try stepping on brake and shaking gear shift handle We had a similar problem, and the answer that it is the Stop Light Switch on the brake pedal itself is Correct! Did cost $6 to fix, fixed the problem immediately and only 2 bolts to replace. Very easy. Very inexpensive!

How do you get the car to go into gear even when you press on the brake and it still doesn't go into gear?

When you press the brake, a switch on the back of the pedal activates a solenoid in the shift console that allows you to move the shift lever out of park. If the switch or solenoid fails, you won't be able to shift out of park. There is a bypass for this. You can stick a screwdriver in the side of the console to manually move the solenoid so that you can shift it. You will have to do this every time you shift out of park until you fix the problem. The owners manual covers it in more detail.

What if your drilling rig wont move its stuck what should you do fix it or leave it for the day shift?

If the situation was reversed, would you be happy fixing up a problem they left for the night shift? You should try to fix the problem.

How do you fix an automatic transmission that won't shift into gear?

There are multiple things that could cause this problem, but if everything else seems to work fine, a good place to check would be the transmission and the shifter. Gears in the transmission could be blown and may not catch when you try to shift.

1991 Lincoln town Car Gear shift selector is broke how do you fix it?

i need photo of how to repair cable