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can use a threaded rod that matches old bolt threads, that it can reach the bottom where the threads aren't pulled out, if there is none then you need to use a HELI-COIL or thread repair incerts, most automotive supply house carry them, just need a drill an bit the size for incert to do the repair

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โˆ™ 2005-09-07 10:42:53
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Q: How do you fix the starter bolt holes on your 89 Chevrolet s10 28L v6 when one is stripped out and the other has the wall broken out?
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Could be the starter drive is not engaging or perhaps you're using the wrong holes for your flywheel. If you have a 153 tooth ring and have the starter in the 168 tooth position, the gears would not mesh. Did it ever start? if it did ,most likely the starter drive is broken, or the pinion ,or flywheel are stripped of their teeth. Bendix is broken, Starter too far from ring gear, broken bendix throwout fork.

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