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How to fix taillights on '90 F-250Well that depends on whether you're talking about buying a brand new taillight cover or just the bulb. If you're talking about the case, there should be some screw holes on the inside of the bed where the taillight is (they may not have screws in them, however). After that, on the outside of the bed, there are screws right at the start of the taillight. Unscrew those, take the tail light cover off, then take the bulb out by twisting it then pulling it out. That is how you fix the case. Now, to fix the bulb, you do just as I said before, however, this time you pull the bulb out of the socket, it should just slip out if it is anything like my '93 (don't think they changed the taillights any). I hope this helps you.

P.S.-Bulb costs most likely less than $5 USD -Taillight cover costs around $20 USD

Amendment - by PayDayBill

There are a total of four screws - two on the outside edge of the plastic tail light housing and two inside the tailgate post in the bed. You have to open the tailgate to to see the inside screws

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Q: How do you fix the taillights on a 1990 Ford F-250?
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