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the wiper moder is pulling to many volts, consider replacing. this should fix your problem. however I would first test it with a meter.


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The windshield wiper governor on a 1983 Ford F250 is located behind the glove box. It is on the left side of the cowl.

If the windshield wipers are not working in a 1998 Ford F150, the cause could be a blown fuse. There could also be a problem with the vacuum hoses connected to the wiper motor or the wiper motor itself.

It has several. Which are you looking for? Coolant? Windshield wipers?

The cowl is located under the bottom of your windshield and under the hood where your windshield wipers are.

why don't the windshild wipers work on 1995 ford countours. their is no power to fuse box or wiper motor.

The 1993 Ford F1 50 windshield wipers to stop working. The fuse can be found in the fuse box. The location of the fuse is listed on the inside cover of the fuse box.

There are many places a used Ford F250 could be purchased. A used Ford F250 could easily be purchased at a Ford dealership or a local used car dealership. They can also be purchased from online directory sites.

There are check out charts that the mechanics have access to that will lead to the problem

i have a 2003 ford focus and want to locate which fuse is for the washer pump

black box attached to the panel under the wiper switch

My wipers come on when the turn signal is used - Ford recommends replacing a revised mulifunction switch (turn signal switch)

My windshield wipers wont work, I have looked at the fuse but it is ok. sounds like a relay cliclking under the dash, where is it located?

One could find a Ford F250 for sale at most Ford dealerships. If one is looking for a used Ford F250, one could use the Autotrader magazine or website.

Your windshield wipers were most likely overloaded and blew the fuse, try replacing the fuse. If that does not fix it then it is possible that the wiper motor burned out and will require replacement.

On the pass. side in the fire wall. you have to take off the windshield wipers and both covers to get to it.

The multi function switch is the lever for your turn signals , windshield wipers , washer etc .

It is located in your fuse box. Check the plate you remove to get to the fuses and check there and it will tell you the one for the wipers

release the blade from the pin on the arm How do you get the blade to release? Where is this pin located? Do you push on it?

Start with checking the fuse / relay...See "Related Questions" below for more

If you remove the windshield wipers and the plastic cowl you can easily get to the back 3

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