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You either have a bad relay, wiper motor, or bad switch.

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How do fix your windshield wipers on your Mazda Protege?

i put a new windshield wiper moter in and the fuses are fine but my wipers still wont work

Why would the wipers on a 1998 Jeep Wrangler work fine for a few minutes and then stop after replacing the wiper motor?

Your wiper arms that run from the wiper motor to the windshield wipers may be binding and need to be replaced

How do i fix my Cruse control 1997 Ford Taurus?

On my 95 Taurus the cruise control wires broke off inside the steering wheel. After reconnecting them the system worked fine.

The wipers on your Pontiac Grand Prix work fine but when you shut them they stop vertically on the windshield How do you reset them to rest horizontally on the bottom of the windshield?

there is a metal tab that your wiper motor is supose to catch most likely its bent same thing happened to me i just banged it back in to place

When you are in park or reverse your 96 Ford Taurus radio powersteering and windshield wipers work as you put it in reverse or drive they do not what is causing this problem?

Believe it or not, these are symptoms that occur when there is a problem with the TRS (Transmission Range Sensor). The sensor is starting to fail and needs replacement. The instructions will say you need a specialized tool to align the sensor up but that is not true. When you take it out and put it back in, just make sure your car is in the Neutral Position and you will be fine. This happened to me and I found it odd that the Transmission Range Sensor would affect these areas, but it does. Good luck!

Why would the speedometer stop working on a 98 Ford Taurus if the fuse is still fine?

you maybe needing to replace your speed sensor. mine is doing the same thing and that is what is wrong with it

When windshield cycle ends on my 2002 Intrigue they stand up straight across the windshield how do you fix this?

Wiper motors have a "park" function designed in to return the wipers to the bottom of the windshield. It is a small contact on a cam inside the motor that keeps the motor going after the driver's control switch has opened until the blades are positioned correctly. If the wipers stop at random points when the wipers are turned off, or during intermittent operation, that park contact may have broken or the cam has slipped. Some wiper motors can be opened and the problem fixed, but you can usually get a wiper motor at the junkyard for less than $20 and switch it out. In rare cases the problem is a loose power connection to the wiper motor, but if they seem to run fine when turned on, I'd doubt that is the cause.

Your wipers do not work on your 2000 Chevy Impala?

Yes they do. They're working just fine.

I have a totaled 1998 Taurus but the transmission is fine. Can I put the 1998's transmission into a 2001 Ford Taurus that needs a new one?

Yes you can. The transmission is about the same with minor changes to some of the brackets. You can replace those brackets with the brackets off the transmission from the 2001

Why wont your power windows and windshield wipers work on a 1998 Ford Explorer if all the fuses are intact?

I have a 1991 Ford Explorer and my windows and radio and windshield wipers won't work unless i push the key in between run and start and then they will work. If you take out your key/tumber assembly a large flathead screwdriver can start your car. I was told by a co-worker that when you turn your key your pushing a rod through the steering column to a contact i your console....... it makes fine contact while starting but once started loses good contact because the rod retracts after you have started the vehicle. Hence, why when you push it to start again it regains contact... he also said that you can adjust the rod so that this problem stops.... I'm stuck at finding that rod..... any help would be great.

My ford thunderbird is over heating. ive changed the thermostat all the fluids are fine. i jsut cant figure it out?

I realize this is written for a Ford Taurus; however, the steps should be exactly the same:http://www.taurusclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=52556

On what services are Midas coupons offered?

I don't know all of the services that Midas offers coupons on, but I know the major ones. I have seen coupons on oil changes, tire balancing and rotations, windshield wipers, and tune ups. If you are concerned you might want to check with your local Midas, but you should be fine.

Does a 2002 Ford Taurus with a 3.0L V6 OHV engine have a timing belt or chain and is it an interference or non-interference engine?

Your 3.0 Ford Taurus has a timing chain and is non-interference. No scheduled replacement is necessary. The only 3.0 Ford Taurus that had a belt was the SHO model, which had a Yamaha built 3.0 V6. I think it may have been a mistype, but the motor IS and interference motor, which is why you need to be careful. However, there is no belt, so if you are not messing with the chain then you will be fine because unless there is a problem with a tensioner, guide or the actual chain, your engine will not jump time. If it does, however, you will be bending valves or notching pistons.

I have a 1995 Ford Taurus that runs fine but every time you hit a big bump the check engine light comes on for a few minutes then goes out what is happening?

If the check engine light is coming on periodically when hitting a bump in a 1995 Ford Taurus, perhaps a sensor is loose. Check both the oxygen sensors and the speed sensors on the transmission. Also check all sensors in the engine to make sure they are tight.

Why would the air conditioner work fine but the heater not work in a 1996 1999 Ford Taurus Mercury Sable?

the air conditioner and heater are two separate things.(not connected) ;) it may have a fuse. or the it could just be bad.

Why is it that when you push your windshield washer button on your 1995 ford ranger the wipers move and the pump motor runs but no washer fluid comes out when the reservoir is full?

because your out of fluid or the lins arnt hooked up rightAnother AnswerSometimes, "cheap" windshield washer fluid will evaporate and leave a "dust" residue that clogs the lines that lead to the nozzles, and may also clog the nozzles. Remove the lines from the nozzles from under the hood and use a very fine wire to clean out the nozzles and the lines. Before you reinstall the lines on the nozzles, turn on the sprayer and spray out any dust left within the lines.

I have a 1997 Ford Taurus gl the turn signals recently stopped working Bulbs are fine brake lights work and I replaced the flasher unit in the car Ive tried nearly everything Any suggestions?

it could be your turn signal/windshield wiper/hi-lo beam switch on the steering wheel has gone bad ---- See "Related Questions" below for another thing to try out - WD-40 in the hazard switch...

Can you drive with a cracked windshield in Indiana?

Driving around in Indiana with a windshield suffering from a small crack is fine. But, if the crack exceeds the size of a credit car the glass must be replaced.

How do you fix the windshield wipers on a 1996 Nissan Sentra when only the intermittent setting won't work but the other wiper speeds work fine?

it seems to me that you are having issues with the body control module as this module controls your intermittent wiper speed and the rest of the speeds are controlled directly by the wiper switch . regards , ashish

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