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my 93 grand am was doing something similar to the question you ask. It would drive fine at times and then it would die and when restarting would buck, jerk, etc. and had a had time restarting. After sitting it would seem fine. I had to have my crank case heater assembly replaced and now it seems to be running fine.

My 93 SOHC 2.3l did this and I replaced coil pack housing (Actually mechanics shop replaced after testing) and it fixed problem. These engines are notorious for cracked coil pack 'housing' because of coil on plug design the housing takes alot of heat. Let us know what fixed cause it helps others looking for answers. Good luck

It is possible the torque converter clutch is staying engaged, there is a solenoid in the transmission that sticks and wont let the converter release. there is also a plastic orifice that breaks off and becomes lodged in the solenoid causing the same problem. This usually can be distinguished from an engine problem by noting whether the engine runs normally until you actually put the car in gear

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Q: How do you fix your 1993 Grand-Am that stalls when put into gear?
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