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How do you fix your authorized credit report?

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Pay off your debts or wait til they fall off your report (it should say how long they will remain on there). Then get a credit card and pay it off in full each month. That will make your credit improve dramatically.

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if you are an authorized user on the card then you are responsible for the card too. so yes they can

No, only the owner and authorized users of the credit card will be reported on the credit card company to the credit agencies. If your husband is an authorized user on the credit card then it will show up on his credit report.

No, authorized users should not report to the credit bureaus since they are not legally resposible for the debt incurred with the credit card. It will not have any impact on your credit score since authorized users are not reported. is the only authorized site to receive your free credit report under US law.

If the credit pulls were not authorized, write a letter to each of the bureaus that are reporting the inquiries, and let them know that they were not authorized. Legally, they should remove this information from your credit report if it is inaccurately reporting. If you did authorize the credit pulls, then this information will likely stay on your credit report for 1-3 years.

It negatively affects both the primary and the authorized user credit score and report.

If it does report it will show that you are just an authorized user, most cards don't even report authorized users anymore.

Being an authorized user no longer has an impact on your credit score like it used to. In the past, you were able to be added as an authorized user on a credit card, and all of the credit history and credit limit would be reported on your credit report as if it was your credit effectively obtaining unearned credit for the authorized individual. A few years ago the credit reporting industry changed, and no longer recognize an authorized user as credit responsible and therefore it has little to no impact on your credit score. If you would like to obtain credit from this card, contact the card issuer and request to be added as a joint user. If you are jointly responsible for the credit, it will report to the bureaus and impact your score. Approval is still required, but it is typically easier to be approved when you are already and authorized user on a card.

No, if the wife is not an authorized user on the credit card then it does not affect the wife's credit report. So the late payment will only be on the husband credit report.

if you are joint or even an authorized user on the accts they will show on your report also---only on hers if individual accts and you are not tied to them in any way

If there is an error in your credit report, you must contact the particular Credit Reporting Agency that issued the report and provide them with correct information, in writing and, if possible, with supporting documentation.

Authorized users are not legally responsible for debt. Contact the crediting bureau and despute the item (explaining the circumstances.) They have to remove it!

The ex could have been an authorized user on the account or a co-borrower. If you are the primary user and the ex was only an authorized user, you can call and have them removed.

A credit report will tell you what exactly is on your credit. You may find credit cards or other lines of credit you never authorized. You may also find credit cards you thought you closed, but didn't. Since business will judge you based on what's on your credit report, it's important to make sure it's all accurate.

While there are several online sources for obtaining a credit report, is the only one that is the authorized source for obtaining your free annual credit report that is your right by law. Their web address is

an authorized user is someone who has been given consent by the owner of the account to use it and morally should pay for what they purchase but will not be financially responsible to do so even tho the creditor can and probably will report the account to both the owner and the authorized users credit profiles with the credit reporting agencies.

No, the credit score of the authorized user will not affect the main cardholders credit score but the authorized users score can be affected as you can see

No. As an authorized user, you are not legally responsible for his debt. Now, credit score wise, even though you did not create the soon to be bad debt, it still shows up on your credit report. seems to be a good site for you. It will offer you free credit reports, and it is authorized by the government. I believe they would be a safe choice.

If someone adds you as an authorized user on their credit card account, and they supplied your SSN when adding you, it would probably show up within 30 days. Of course that means that you would have to get a new report each month or sign up for some kind of Alert service.

The book "Fix Your Credit Report" is available in stores like Barnes & Noble and available on websites like Amazon. Plus, there's an e-book version of this title.

If this is truly a mistake, and the creditor's application does not have authorized user's signature on the application, then the creditor is obligated to correct the credit. Get a letter in writing from the lender stating you are not liable and that they are going to correct all 3 credit reporting agencies. You can send a copy of this letter to all three agencies and get it corrected yourself. I will warn you to keep the original letter as even if you fix the reports now, you may find that in the future, (no matter how many months/years) you will need that letter again.

I have found the company I listed in my link has done phenomenal work for my credit. click the link and good luck! yazing. com/deals/creditrepair/stickysniffles Remove the space after .com.

In general, those becoming "authorized users" will not have changes made to their credit report unless (1) they become an authorized user of a company card and that company requires employees to take personal responsibility for charges or (2) they become a joint account holder, making them responsible for all charges. So, if one falls into one of the above camps, the time varies based on the frequency with which the issuer chooses to inform the credit bureaus. Because "authorized user" status does NOT change the liability of the account holder, these types of credit report transactions are not priorities and may take place a few times per year. Wait three (3) months and re-review your credit reports. If the "authorized user" does not disappear, dispute the tradeline with the appropriate credit bureau.

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