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You can buy new locks and replace them in the door they cost about 15 dollars a set if you do it your self but you can pull the door panel inside off and chect to see if the rod that connects to the lock is still connected.

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Q: How do you fix your car door lock if it just turns when you put in the key and does not open?
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What is part of a door you can open with a key?

You can open a key lock on a door knob, or you can open a deadbolt lock on the door itself.

How do you open a door lock with a card?

Slide the card through the slot where the lock is by the door. Set the card where the lock would be. Now open the door.

My peugeot 106 drivers door does not lock the key turns the lock goes down but door doesnt lock?

I had the same problem. Removed lock mechanism, cleaned, oiled and replaced. A fiddly job as bits fell off - it had seen better days. Once all back together it locks if I do the following: Get out. Close door. Lock door. Open door. Close door.

How do i open the fuel door on Mercedes 190e?

make sure the trunk is unlocked - then just push on the forward end of the cover door and it should tilt open. The trunk lock will also lock the fuel door.

How do you open a 1997 Toyota tercel door when the door lock mechanism failed?

My girlfriend has a tercel and her door lock has failed when it was locked ..... And WE had just used a coat hanger to open it up mind you it was not easy but it works now I did not lock it after wards until had replaced it.............

How do you get gas door open when lock switch or key to car will not unlock gas door?

You'll need a professional locksmith to open the lock without damaging the lock and door .

How does the hatch of the Dodge Caliber open?

The lock is removed with the open lock button in the driver's door or with the open locks button at the key. Then the door is opened by actuating the lever just above the license plate. Hope this helps!

Why can everything open my door lock even a penny can open it. how do you fix it?

buy a new lock

How do you get the door panel off of a locked passenger door when the lock doesn't open?

door latch boken will not open.

Can you use lock picks to lock a door instead of opening it?

Sure can! You just need to turn the tumbler in the opposite direction you turned it to open it.

Why would your rear car door not open?

ideaswill it open from the outside and not the inside if so then it's a child safety lock located on the door jam near the latch if not you could have any of the following broken lock, door latch or the latch is just stuck.

2000 venture van passenger door will not open?

If the lock switch is set to unlocked and it will not open from the inside or outside, the door lock arm may have fallen lose. Take the inside door panel off and check around the door levers and door lock.

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