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Unless you have met this guy in person then you are playing with fire. The police are tearing their hair out because so many young people (some older ones too that should know better) are flirting with danger on the internet because they simply don't know this stranger they are talking too. The problem with meeting someone through the Internet is you have nothing to look at ... no eye contact or body language to see if this person has good intentions. In Canada there are young men/women that have gone missing and a large percentage have met their perpetrator on the Internet. That's the first thing the police look at ... emails, IMing, etc. They are shocked at a lot of what they find. There are perverts and much worse out there and this is often how some perverts get cheap porn and in some cases rapists and murders haunting for victims. If you want a good relationship then meet a guy the old fashion way ... in person! At least you can gauge if he's a nice guy or not. Meet, see if you like each other and then date. Don't risk listening to a high possibility of lies with some sleaze ball on the other end trying to get information on you. You DO NOT know how old this person is and if this person is older they could send you a picture of anyone! Quit rolling your eyes and listen up! The Internet can be a dangerous place and YOU aren't in control!
If you have a good picture of him or know him, this should be pretty easy. Compliment his looks and/ or personality. Be sure to include a few winks every once in a while ;)

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Q: How do you flirt with a guy over the Internet?
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