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How do you flirt with a guy you dont know?

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First thing is to try and know him first. Relationship grows.

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How do you flirt with a goth guy?

just flirt with him like hes an average guy just dont be to girlyish when you do flirt with him

How do you get a guy to tell you that he likes you?

well first i or dont know but i would just flirt with him and wait for him to ask you out or tell you that he likes you

How do you flirt without the guy knowing?

Well some guys dont know it, others can tell... Flirting can be quite noticeable if your trying to hard. When I flirt with guys i do it naturally...some people can.

You really like this guy but you dont know if he likes you how do you know?

Drop a few hints, flirt a little.. and if all else fails.. just let him know you like him

How do you know if a guy likes another guy?

Well. the answer goes with the same "how do you know If a guy likes a girl" question. They will flirt, hold hands, and if they're really gay, Kiss. But dont be mean to them. please? I am NOT gay, by the way!

How to get over a guy you still have feelings for?

just go flirt with tons of guys you like but dont flirt with the guy you have feelings for cuz then u will get way more

What do you do when a guy flirts with you?

flirt with him back if you like him, if you dont than walk away

What should you do if the guy you like is a flirt?

Be a flirt right back! You never know, he might just like you!

How do you win a girl heart if you dont know her to well?

Get to know her, make her know you, and then flirt.

I like my friend who is a guy we flirt but i don't know if he likes me or not how could i find out?

i would ask him. if he says no though, dont let it ruin your friendship

When do you know it should be over?

wen the guy starts to flirt wid other girls wen the guy starts to flirt wid other girls

How can a girl flirt with a guy?

just make him laugh:) text him dont be creepy stalkerish

Why does this guy flirt with you?

This guy flirt with me because his not satisfy with his lover.

Why would a guy wave his hands to a girl?

He might just be being friendly... or more. Flirt with him. Not to much though because you dont know if he likes you and find out!

How do you flirt with this guy he doesnt have a mobile and I dont have Facebook Help? him at a place :) or on myspace

What do you do if a guy thinks you dont like him?

prove you do like him flirt and act girly around him and him only

How do you bring excitement back into a relationship if the guy your with says they dont know how to flirt anymore and the excitement is gone you try to get his attention but you just feel neglected?

Go on a diet.

When do you flirt with a guy?

If you are interested in someone then let them know, it is ok to flirt. Of course you want to be tasteful. Men certainly like to be approached, just as woman do. never seem too desperate, flirting should come natural if there is a natural connection between you and the one you are interested in. if you are in a relationship, dont flirt you will be trashy. -good luck! Flirt when you want

How do you show a guy like him if he already know you like hi?

easy fix here.... flirt..if you do not know how to flirt than youtube it its mad easy you probably do it already

You and this girl flirt a lot but you dont know how to ask her out?

Grow some balls.

When does a guy flirt the most?

A guy will most likely flirt the most when he is most confident.

How do you flirt with a popular guy when your not so popular and you basically just don't know how to flirt?

twist your hair, smile, and giggle if he does anything funny!

Is it a bad thing if i am in a relationship with this great guy but i have been flirting with this guy i work with and he has been flirting back?

FLIRT FLIRT FLIRT BAAAACK!!!!! HOLD HIS HAND--MOVE IN FOR THE KISS------GET INVOLVED!!!!! EVEN MORE IF U WANT. GOOO GALLLL If you like this other guy too....then no worries!!!!!!! Your flirting guy could be crazy about DONT pass up the chance!!!!!!!!

How do you know if a boy you don't know is flirting with you?

I honestly ask myself the same question... well, I guess it depends on the guy. Some guys flirt by showing off and acting all cool. Others flirt by teasing you or making fun of you, or just trying to by funny and make you laugh. Its actually easier to tell of someone you DONT know likes you, because if you dont talk to them or know them and they try to communicate with you randomly, you know somethins up :D

What does a guy do if he likes you?

If a guy likes you, he will try to flirt. He will look at you every once and a while if your near him. IF YOU THINK A GUY LIKES YOU, DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK! Yeah, and he gets a boner.