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How do you flush a transmission?

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2010-03-11 01:43:02

You can take the car to reputable transmission shop and have

them flush it professionally.

If you want to do it your self... You can do it if your car has

an automatic transmission and a transmission cooler.

You need to take off the cooler lines and determine which one is

the intake (brings the fluid back into the transmission). Take a

clean bucket and put the intake line in it; put the other line in a

separate bucket. Fill the clean bucket with new transmission fluid

and start the car.

The transmission will begin to pump out the old, dirty fluid and

suck in the clean fluid. Make sure the intake hose is always

submerged; you do not want it to suck air. Run the car until you

start seeing clean fluid being pumped out.

After all of the fluid is changed, you need to change the

filter. You must do this or the new fluid will become contaminated

and there wouldn't have been any reason for you to have flushed the

transmission. You will lose a few quarts of fluid when you drop the

pan; you may be able to catch it and reuse it. After the filter is

changed, top the transmission off with clean fluid.

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