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"Use 3#-5# weights to work your biceps,triceps, shoulders,under the arms,but only use them every other day so your muscles wont get sore.You can also wear ankle weights while exercising.Dont worry you wont bulk up like a guy.I use 5# weights every other day and my arms are toned and have girl muscle on them.Also if you want to get muscle on your calves I also stand behind a chair a stand on my tip toes for 5 seconds and do that for 1 minute,plus it's a good calf stretch.Good Luck!"

Another child giving out Weightlifting advice? Oh dear. Young man, ignore what you've read above and go read Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe.

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Q: How do you form an exercise schedule if you are 14 years old and already work out but want to gain muscle?
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How does exercise help you lose weight if muscle builds on fat?

the bigger your muscle becomes, bigger consume of energy after exercise. After aprox. 20 min of exercise you will use your energy from the fat, and if your intake of energy is less than your consume, is just math. Muscle doesn't build fat (it burns it) and muscle weighs more than fat. If you became a body builder and had good muscles and then years later didn't bother to keep up your exercise regime this is when the muscle would turn to fat. Muscle cannot turn to fat. But if you do not continue working it you will lose muscle mass and burn less calories. If you do not eat less or exercise more to compensate for this reduction in muscle mass than you will gain weight back in the form of fat.

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About three

How many hours of exercise should you get if your are 13 years old?

You should get an hour to two hours of exercise a day if you are 13 years old.

Is 50 years age good for weight lifting exercise?

There is no age limit for exercise. At any age any time anybody can start exercise but if u have any medical history then better first consult with doctor. Weight lifting, Yoga stretching and Cardio exercises combination is the best for workout. Every decade we loose our 10% of muscle mass after the age of 25 so through the weight lifting exercises we can increase our muscle mass, bone density and can improve the basal metabolic rate.

What is anareobic exercise?

Anaerobic means "without oxygen," meaning that the muscle cells convert their stored energy, or fuel, into movement by a chemical process that doesn't involve oxygen. This is necessary because it takes the heart and lungs time to catch up and trigger the aerobic process to take over the fuel delivery process. But in some sports, such as sprinting or weight lifting, the event is already over by the time that process kicks in. In the past 30 years or so, aerobic exercise has been promoted heavily because of the way it protects the cardiovascular system from disease. All the publicity surrounding aerobic exercise may make it seem that anaerobic exercise is somehow not as beneficial, when in fact a good fitness program incorporates both kinds of exercise.

If you are 15 years old and are about to enter your sophomore year of high school Is there enough time for you to become good at boxing before you graduate?

You're looking at a bit over two and a half years. I'd say there is adequate time to become proficient at boxing. The basics can be learned in a matter of months. If you are already in good shape, the key will be obtaining experience with training partners and in competition. Any aerobic exercise will assist you in losing weight. A good diet and lots of exercise are the keys to weight loss. And boxing will build muscle, particularly if you lift weights and hit the bags on a regular basis.

How do you lower heartbeat I am a male 34 years of age and my resting heartbeat is around 100-110 which is too high is there anything I can do please help me?

Exercise! Your heart is a muscle and will get stronger and won't have to work as hard to do small things.

Can you build muscle after you are 50 years old?


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You dont need much muscle for ballet

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As she is 76 years old she does not go to any gim, but controls her diet and does light exercise only.

How can you get rid of a fat belly when you are 13-years-old?

exercise, eat better

How do you exercise if you are 12 years old?

Swim or row a boat.

Can a 45 year old female still develop muscle and gain a flat tummy even after years of drinking alcohol?

Anyone of any age can work on losing fat and developing muscles, including a 45-year-old female. With the right diet and exercise, it is possible to gain a flat tummy even after years of drinking alcohol. When starting a new diet or exercise plan, it is a good idea to discuss it with a doctor first.

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