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How does exercise help you lose weight if muscle builds on fat?

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the bigger your muscle becomes, bigger consume of energy after exercise. After aprox. 20 min of exercise you will use your energy from the fat, and if your intake of energy is less than your consume, is just math. Muscle doesn't build fat (it burns it) and muscle weighs more than fat. If you became a body builder and had good muscles and then years later didn't bother to keep up your exercise regime this is when the muscle would turn to fat. Muscle cannot turn to fat. But if you do not continue working it you will lose muscle mass and burn less calories. If you do not eat less or exercise more to compensate for this reduction in muscle mass than you will gain weight back in the form of fat.

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Can you do basic exercise to help you lose weight?

Doing exercises will help you firm and tone your body. It also builds muscle and burns calories. It is certainly a key part of any weight loss program.

Can you recommend any exercise plans to help me lose weight?

You should engage in a solid weight resistance training regiment, as weight training builds muscle which has a higher metabolic requirement. The higher metabolism required to maintain muscle allows for greater calorie burn.

Do weight machines help with endurance?

Yes, weight training builds muscle mass. More muscle mass means your body will be able to compensate for the lactic acid build-up created during exercise for a longer period of time.

How can exercise help with fat burning?

Exercise, plain and simple, burns calories and you need to burn more calories than you consumer to burn fat and lose weight. And, exercise builds muscle mass, which also helps you burn claories because muscle consumes twice as many calories to maintain itself as fat does.

Does eating tuna help to gain muscle?

Eating tuna helps to gain muscle because tuna is protein and protein builds muscle. However, to build muscle you need to exercise as well.

How do squats help you lose weight on your thighs?

It doesn't. It tones your thighs, calves and butt and builds muscle and strength.

Does exercising help you gain weight?

Yes, you may think that exercising helps you loose weight but that is incorrect. Exercising builds musclewhich adds weight to your body.MJC

Why should you include weight training as part of your exercise routine?

The first reason is that weight training builds muscle mass. The more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism. People with a higher metabolism tend to have less body fat, therefore adding weight training to your exercise program will help reach/maintain a healthy weight. Some other reasons are that weight training helps to improve bone health, increase flexibility and balance, and eliminate stress.

Does muscle exercise cause weight loss?

Depends. At first, muscle exerice tends to promote muscle development, and muscles have weight to them. But more muscles means you can burn more calories when exercising, and more burn can help with weight loss.

How does exercise help muscle do?

get big ?

How can increase your weight?

To increase your weight, you want to eat a lot of protein. You should also exercise so that this weight does not turn into fat. Exercising can help it turn into muscle.

What ab toning exercise help build muscle fastest?

Any abdominal toning exercise will help you build muscle. To build more defined muscles, you need to add weights to your exercise. This could mean using a weight machine, using free-weights, or using ankle weights.

Why is it important to eat protein after exercise?

To help in muscle recovery by rebuilding damaged muscle tissue from exercise

What is the tallest mountain in the world when measured from base to summit?

Exercise can help you lose weight, build muscle, and feel better.

How do meats help the body?

it builds up muscle and bone in the body

Does whey protein help you gain weight?

yeah its helps you gain weight because it help build muscle and muscle has weight to it

How does the bench press help you specifically?

The bench press is a compound exercise that builds several muscle groups. Bench press works primarily to build the chest (pectoralis major) but also builds the anterior deltoids, serratus anterior, coracobrachialis, and the triceps.

What does exercise do for you?

Exercise increases muscle strength and mass, bone strength, and the body's metabolism. It can help attain and maintain proper weight and improve body image and self-esteem.

Do having more muscles help with weight loss?

Yes. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so the more muscle you have the more calories you bring as you exercise.

How many sit ups do you have o do to loose 10 pounds?

Sit ups are an anaerobic exercise, which means that this type of exercise does not help in losing weight. Anaerobic exercises are used to build muscle and can actually cause an increase in weight because muscle weighs more than fat.

How come you exercise and you end up gaining weight?

Because muscle is heavier than fat and you are getting into shape by building muscle. Once your muscle tone has leveled out the extra muscle will help you reduce FAT much quicker.

How can you loose 3 stone quickly?

If you are committed its easy. Running is the fastest way. Any physical exercise that builds up a sweat will help you lose weight effectively.

How can you get smaller quadriceps?

lower weight and reps gradually. dont exercise with heavier weights because this build muscle. but stopping immediately is hard for the body. slowly lowering the weight will help to safely lower the size of any muscle.

Are there such things as vitamins for weight loss?

There are indeed numerous weight loss vitamins. Some of which will help you to shed fat while keeping the muscle you will gain with your new exercise regimen.

How does exercise help your weight?