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How do you format your computer?

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you should have your system disk avalibale to reinstall back to factory settings, copy everything you want to save then you would need to go to your start menu and restart your computer in MS DOS mode when you have a black screen up in front of you and you see C:> you can type in the words format c: this will ask if you are sure if you are not then click no everything will be erase from the hard drive if you select yes it will start to format the drive letter after it is format you will need to follow the directions on your CD that came from the manufacture make sure you have all you key code numbers or you will not be able to reload your software this is to help stop people from steling and sharing software.. Good Luck..

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How to Format my Computer without cd ?

How to Format my Computer without cd ?

What is Format of information for computer use?

The format of information for computer use is a file.

What is the format of a video in computer?

AVI format

When I format my mini SD card the computer shows unable to complete format what to do?

get a new computer

How do you put your laptop back to factory settings?

you need to format your computer. what make/model is your computer? you need to format your computer. what make/model is your computer?

In what format is data stored in a computer?

It is stored in binary format

How i can formatt your computer?

I don't think you can format my computer. =)

How you can format your computer windows vista without CD?

how i can format my computer windows vista withut cd..............please kindly tell me. how i can format my computer windows vista withut cd..............please kindly tell me.

How can you get it on your computer?

I do not understand the format of your improperly worded grammar. Please rephrase the question in a correct format (AKA: what are you trying to get on your computer?)

What does it mean when your computer needs format?

When a computer is formatted, everything in it is erased. People usually format their computers to get rid of viruses.

How do you format computer if the CD rom is not on computer?

go to "computer" then right click on "system c " then right click on it and go to "format" but you will lose your windows you are running your computer on and everything else

What is instruction format in computer architecture?

a basic computer has three instruction code format-memory-refrence,resister-refrece,and input-outputinstruction. each format consist of 16bits.

How do you format a c drive on a crashed computer?

Run the Windows installation and format it from there.

What is the type of app that you download in your computer called?

Computer aplications for Windows are in the .exe file format; for Mac there are in the .dmg file format.

What is MP3 format?

Mp3 format is a format used for portable media devices,and ipods, to transfer files from your computer to them.

How can format the computer?

A good way to format your computer, is to insert a Windows Install Disc/System Recovery disc(s). And run the setup, which will, if chosen, format the harddrive while installing a clean copy of Windows. Another way, if you're looking to only format a HDD or partition which isn't where windows is installed, go to "Computer" or "My Computer" and right click the appropriate storage device, then select "Format".

How do you format an microSD?

first you put it in the adapter and connect it to the computer Next you go to my computer and right click on the sd card and click format

How do you capture a picture sent from an apple computer to a windows computer?

The Apple computer will send the photo in JPEG format. Any Windows computer can read a JPEG format photo. Just send the photo in an email.

What is the most common used computer?

The most commonly-used format of computer is the desktop computer.

How do you Format a Hard Drive With Windows95?

start > programs > dosprompt DOS PROMPT | -- X C:\WINDOWS>format (disk to format) or my computer> (select disk to format) > file> format

What format does a mac computer use?


Why do you need to format a computer?

to remove threats

How can I get a CD-R with pictures on it to work on my computer if its on a format that isn't on my computer?

get a new computer get a new computer get a new computer

Is it harmful to format computer many times?

never it is never harmful... but! it will olways take time to format ofcourse it take maybe 2 - 3 hours maybe^^ it will be safe if you format your computer 7 times a week... i mean even you format your computer always you use it it will not even harm any but it will erase the fies in it...

How do you format a blank hard drive?

* start * my computer * right click on the hard drive * format