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You have to remove the player from the dash (disconnect neg. battery cable first). Disassemble it and manually push out the discs. My CD's were jammed and I had to do this. I also noticed that a gear which moves the CD holders had broken teeth. I'm still trying to find a replacement gear.

HERE'S A TRICK I FIGURED OUT: Take another CD. Go to the slot the CD is jammed in (Disc 3, 4 whatever)...MAKE SURE YOU HOLD THE CD TIGHTLY. Put the new CD in, but don't actually insert it in all the way. When the CD player tries to "pull it in," pull the CD out quickly. The "jammed" CD will spit out if you try this several times, usually. Certain CDs don't agree with the Volvo CD player (at least mine), and I am not sure why.

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Q: How do you get CDs out of a jammed CD player in a 2000 Volvo S80?
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