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318 belt diagram mysteryi have an '87 Dodge 4wd pickup with a 318. no one on this planet has a diagram. i' ve checked at least a 100 sites with no luck

This may sound sarcastic, but have you looked under the hood, alot of the time there is a sticker with belt diagram and emissions information either actually stuck on the underside of the hood or radiator cross support.

Actually belts are pretty much self explanatory as to where they go on an engine. If you stand at the front of the vehicle where you can look straight across the pulleys you can see how they line up, and that is pretty much where the belts go. You must determine which set of pulleys is the first set to install the belt on and progress outward from there. A lot of times the Alternator and the air injection pumps will run on separate smaller belts which only fit on their respective pulleys. Your NEW belts will be close to or slightly smaller than your old ones, and you might have to adjust the various sliders for them to where you can get the new tight belts on. When you are adjusting the new belts for tension, there should be between 1/2" and 1" of "give" in the belts at their mid travel point or as close to it as you can get. The only belts I can think of which really need diagrams are the serpentine ones on th enewer vehicles, and MOST of them have the diagram somewhere under the hood.

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Q: How do you get a belt diagram for a 1986 dodge ram van with a 318 engine?
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