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How do you get a boy to fancy you?

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wear clothes that you can see alote of your body with

Flirt and act sexy

Get him drunk then have sex

Do this as much as you want

that is a dreadful answer!

firstly, act yourself, if you r right for one another he will love you for that.

taaa xxooxx

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How can I get a boy to fancy me?

You can not get a boy to fancy you. If he doesn't like you, nothing you do can change that.

How can I get a boy who used to fancy me fancy me again?

You can get a boy who once fancied you to fancy you again by being yourself and doing the same things that you did to get him to fancy you in the first place.

How do you get a teenage boy to fancy you?

Be yourself! They are only worth it if they fancy you when you are acting like yourself

When should you let the boy you fancy know that you fancy him?

You schoul let him know ASAP otherwise he will be in the dark. i know. i am a boy. teen, actually.

What does took a fancy to mean?

Took a fancy means liked. Example: The boy immediately took fancy to the new girl in his class.

Is it a bad thing to tell a boy you fancy them?


How do you get this boy to fancy you?

look amazing and talk to him

You fancy this boy but this other boy who is fit but not as fit wants to go out with you and the one you do fancy doesnt know im alive what shall you do?

There is no harm in going out with a boy who likes you, rest is your decision.

What should you do if the boy you fancy hates you?

You should fancy him from far away. If he knows you fancy him, try to move on but if he doesn't, don't let him know.

What happens if you live far far away from the boy that you fancy?

tell him that you fancy him om the phone or on the msn

What to do if you fancy a boy?

become his friend. not flirty, friendly.

I fancy this boy what should i do?

Be yourself . Dont get annoyed.

What if the boy you fancy think of you as a friend?

ill ask him out

Who does Olivia Walton fancy the pants off?

mad boy, bad boy edmonds

You fancy a boy and he found out that you like him what should you do?

act normal

You fancy a boy but he is bi and he fancies a guy what do you do?

make him interested in you

What do you do if the boy you fancy asked a friend who you fancy and then by the time she tells you he's moved in how do i get him to like me again?

snog his face off

Is the word fancy a noun?

It is sometimes used as a noun, but is more commonly an adjective. Noun example: The fancy called my name. Adjective example: The fancy boy called my name.

How can you tell if a fancy guppy is a boy or girl?

Male fancy guppies are much more brightly colored and well.. "fancy." Females can also be colorful but they're normally more plain.

What do you do if you fancy a boy?

Tell him you never know he might like you too!!!!!

What do you do if someone always stares at you a boy do they fancy you?

Unless you have two heads it does....

How do you know how a boy feel for you?

If a boy fancy you they will play with you, sit next to you, make you laugh and always make you happy.

Does flirting with another boy make the boy you like fancy you?

If you are not steady dating the boy you like then yes, perhaps flirting with another boy will make the other one jealous.

How can you till wind a boy likes you?

im a boy and when i fancy a girl i either tell her or just move in 4 a kiss

I fancy this boy but he is two years younger than me?

boy-younger-than-girl relationships can be OK when your about 18 or over.