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The person whos name is on the TITLE as OWNER gets to keep the car IF no one has it as collateral for a loan in DEFAULT.

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Q: How do you get a car back when the buyer has missed two payments if you are a private party and do not have the title but do have a bill of sale?
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If you are on the title with the primary buyer can you get the car and not make payments?

Either party ON THE TITLE is entitled to possession, but someone will HAVE to make payments or it will be repoed.

Can a private party sell a used car to someone who promises to make payments over time and keep the title until those payments are made?

That would be an agreement between buyer and seller. I cannot advise you against this enough.Buyers may be hard to come by, but wait around until you get a cash buyer who'll come and buy it outright.

Does Nevada have sales tax on private party car sales?

No, as of 2005 Nevada does not tax private-party vehicle sales, but only if the buyer is a legal resident of the state.

Can the co buyer of a car legally repossess the car from the buyer if the co buyer has made all payments?

More than likely no. You have a bad situation. You made the payments but the other party actually owns the vehicle. In other words you may have just bought this person a car. You need to talk to a lawyer.

How long after a car sale can a private party buyer return the car?

After a car sale, a private party can return the car within thirty days. This return policy is dependent on the individual seller.

You sold a car in a private party sale in which the buyer agreed via written contract to make monthly payments and they now owe 380 and are 4 months behind-how do you repossess in Texas?

You locate the car and remove it from the possession of the default debtor.

Is it legal to knowingly sell a vehicle with no exhaust system in Oregon without notifying the buyer in a private party sale?

yes it is

Is it legal to knowingly sell a vehicle with no exhaust system in Oregon withouout notifying the buyer in a private party sale?

no it is there job to check out the car

Who holds title of a private party sale while still making payments?

The private seller holds the title until paid in full, he should transfer the title to private buyers name and place a lien on title then the title will be mailed back to the private seller and once vehicle is paid the seller signs off on the lien and mails the title to the buyer. A contract/bill of sale should be signed by both parties to the payment agreement established for the protection of both parties.

When you sell a vehicle to a private party and they sign the title are you responsible for the vehicle yet?

It depends. If you have sold the vehicle to the "Buyer" and you have a security interest or "Lien" against it, then yes. The "Buyer" is responsible. If they decide not to pay, then you will have to take them to court to remove their name from the title.

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Can third party open LC on seller on behalf of buyer what is the procedure?

A third party can open the LC on the seller. This part of the transaction must be done on behalf of the buyer.

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Can a cash buyer of a condo legally place a secured first mortgage on the same condo acting as their own private party lender?

Depends on the state or commonwealth you in. Contact an attorney and review your docs

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Is it legal for debtor to assign debt to a willing third party?

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How do you sell a car if the money from a private party will be used to cover what you owe on the title?

Take the buyer & title to the car with you to the lender that holds the lien on the vehicle. Use the money he is paying you to pay off the loan and get a lien release from the lender. Sign the car over to the buyer at the lender's place of business. Take this lien release and the title with you and the buyer to your DMV, and transfer the car into the buyer's name.

Is it better to sell a used car to a private party or to a used car buying service?

Better is a relevant term. Private party sales can a be a disastrous headache with the amount of time you would spend dealing with a potential buyer. A used car buyer service would be the quickest way to dispose of the car but they will probable make an offer closer to or lower than the wholesale value. How quickly do you need to get rid of the car and how much time do you have available to spend trying to get rid of it would be the questions you need to answer.

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The BK trustee usually waits until two payments have been missed and then files a Motion To Dismiss. There will be a time specified (usually 30 days) in which missed payments can be made up in FULL. If the amount owed is not presented before the time expires the 13 will be dismissed without further notice. If the filing is less than 60 months the trustee might agree to meet with the party involved to discuss possible modification of the BK plan.

What is a golden party?

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Can you purchase a car if you're unemployed?

Yes, you can buy a car 'as is' from a private party. You cannot buy a car from a dealership for you must present pay stubs to prove your employment and income to assure them that you can make payments.