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I used to work in Creditplus car finance last year. They are guaranteed car finance even if you got bad credit history and their car loans were low rates. I think their web site is

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Q: How do you get a car loan and finance a car with limited credit and no cosigner and no down payment?
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Does a cosigner have to have a job?

No, a cosigner can be retired, or just in good standing with the federal credit bureau. They do not necessarily have to have a job. But the deal with a cosigner is that if the individual they are cosigning for does not pay the bill, the cosigner is responsible for the payment.

Which states' lenders are supposed to notify the cosigner before reporting a late payment to credit bureaus?


If we have bad credit will a cosigner help us get a mortgage?

Yes, a person with bad credit can get a cosigner for a mortgage. The cosigner will have to have excellent credit and must go into the office to sign papers to become a cosigner.

Difference between buyers credit and letter of credit?

Buyer's credit is extended to finance the purchase of goods or services. A letter of credit guarantees that a payment will be received. If the buyer doesn't make a payment, the bank has to pay.

What does limited credit experience mean?

Limited credit experience means that a person does not have much in the way of credit history. This means that a person has used credit as payment in the past, but not to a great deal.

How long does a company have to inform a cosigner that the borrower is in default in payment?

It is their legal right to never inform you and simply allow your credit deteriorate. It is your job as the cosigner to make sure the contract is up-to-date.

Can you get a car loan with a co-signer if you have a repo on your credit?

You should be able to get a car loan with a qualified cosigner. Even with a repossession on your credit you should be able to finance a car loan.

Whose credit score is used when you cosign for a loan?

The cosigner's credit score is used. They are the one responsible if the primary signer defaults on payment. Both credits are ruined if the car payment is missed. Be very careful of who you sign for!

Will a cosigner's credit history appear on your credit report?


Can a Cosigner have little or no Credit?


As a cosigner can you have a vehicle repossessed without affecting the cosigner credit rating?


If you get a cosigner when purchasing a car will it show up in your credit report or the cosigner's credit report?

It will appear on the CR of both parties.

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