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It is their legal right to never inform you and simply allow your credit deteriorate. It is your job as the cosigner to make sure the contract is up-to-date.

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2006-04-29 15:01:28
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Q: How long does a company have to inform a cosigner that the borrower is in default in payment?
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Does the lender have to notify you as a cosigner if the primary borrower fails to make a payment?

No, but if the borrower misses enough payments, the cosigner will start getting collection calls as well.

Does a cosigner have any legal rights to sell your house if there has never been a missed payment or late payment?

No, a cosigner has no legal rights to the property unless their name is on the title or deed. A cosigner is accepting the responsibility of the debt if the primary borrower defaults; a co-buyer/borrower is a different matter entirely.

What does the term notice of default mean?

A notice of default is used to notify a borrower that they have defaulted on their debt. To default on a debt means to fail to repay it. So a notice of default reminds the borrower that he has not made a payment on his debt on time.

Can a cosigner ask a lender to garnish the wages of the primary borrower?

A lender can't garnish wages; that has to be done by court order. That can be accomplished, but usually only after the lender has made the cosigner responsible for the debt and failed to collect. After all, that's the responsibility of being the cosigner -- to provide payment should the primary borrower fail to pay.

Can the finance company recind a loan now that the cosigner has died?

AS long as the loan is in good standing, the finance company can not recind a loan..I do believe you are using the wrong word (recind)..If the loan is past due, the company can demand payment in full..The death of a co-borrower has no effect.

How is a cosigner affected when the primary signer is late on a payment?

The late payment(s) will show on the co-signer's credit report. If the loan defaults, the company can look for the co-signer to pay the remainder. Co-signing is very risky if the primary borrower has poor credit--it reflects poor payment habits.

Is the lender obligated to notify a cosigner if a payment is past due in the State of Wisconsin?

No, the cosigner may be the first one the lender attempts to collect from if the primary borrower defaults. That will probably be the only "warning" one receives.

Does a cosigner have rights to a vehicle?

No, a cosigner only has the legal obligation to pay the debt if the primary borrower defaults on the lending agreement.The exception to this would be if the cosigner is a joint title holder of the vehicle.COSINGER!Does a consignor have rights to the vehicle if the people who is buying the car never missed a payment?

What is cosigned?

A cosigner is the person who agrees to pay off the full balance of the loan if the primary borrower fails to pay. A cosigner signs the loan documents and guarantees payment of the loan even if they have no ownership in the property covered by the loan.

If you are a cosigner on a vehicle loan and your name is listed on the title as OR then what rights do you have when the primary buyer defaults on payments?

You have the right to pay the loan. When a cosigner enters into a loan agreement he is promising to assume responsibility for the debt should the borrower ever default on the loan. This means simply that if the borrower stops making payments the cosigner will have to take over the payments. You may even be responsible for the full payment of the loan in the event that the borrower dies or is disabled. The cosigner, or in many times, the co-borrower is equally responsible for the debt. The debt will be reflected on the co-signors credit report and may negatively impact the person's credit should the debt become delinquent. If the primary borrower cannot pay the debt, the lender will pursue the co-signor just as equally as the primary borrower. In some cases the lender may only go after the cosigner. If you cosign on a auto loan and the borrower does not make his payments, you will be responsible for making the payments even though you do not have posession of the vehicle. The borrower will be driving around in a vehicle that you are paying for, and it can be a nightmare to extract yourself from this situation. You will not only be responsible for any arrears of the loan; you will also be responsible for any late fees, additional interest, and collection fees.

What is loss rate on credit exposures?

if a borrower has default in payment it a loss to bank...n the percentage of loss is the rate on its credit exposure

What is mortgage default swap?

I think what you are referring to is basically a credit default swap. This is a kind of insurance that the lender of the loan or the mortgage can purchase in order to ensure that the re-payment on the loan will be made in the event that the borrower defaults on the payment. This protects the back and spreads the risk.

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