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How do you get a car loan at 17?


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2010-03-07 03:46:04
2010-03-07 03:46:04

You can't but your parents can take one out and then you just pay them.


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A 17 year old will not be able to get a car loan for $5,000 dollars without a co-signer. Most banks will not give a 17 year old a loan even with a co-signer.

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Since the car is financed, it already is collateral for a loan. Your car loan uses the car as collateral for that loan. I think the only way for you to use the car as collateral for a different loan is to have the NEW lender pay off your car loan, tack the ammount of the car loan on to the new loan you are getting, therefore they would then be the leinholder on the car.

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No, it is not possible. Your previous loan must be completed to get a new car loan

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You can get out of your car loan by selling the car you have. You can also return the car to the finance company.

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A car loan is considered a personal loan. While bad credit makes it harder to get any loan, individual car dealers decide whether they will allow a car loan with bad credit. A personal loan is an unsecured loan.

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