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  • You could get a co-signer and if that doesn't work you would need to go to one of those buy here pay here car lots but beware if you miss one payment they will come and take your car plus you usually need a huge down payment
  • And with a large enough down payment you do not need to go to a buy here pay here. The other suggestion besides the one above is save and out a large down payment through a reputable dealer and a good finance company. Because the buy here pay here places will charge you the same interest as the regular finance company, but you will not get the benefit of having it report to the credit bureau.
  • By you applying to bad credit loan providers out there, they can approve everyone regardless of their history. But the drawback is the interest rate is much higher, and you maybe limited to a pre-approved amount.
  • Depends upon your current credit rating and your "debt to income ratio". If your credit rating is too low or your debt to income is too high, chances are you will not get that car loan. Beware of loan sharks and some online sites ... they will loan you the money for perhaps 30% or 40% interest - you could wind up paying over $15,000 for a $2,500 car if you go that route.
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Q: How do you get a car loan with bad credit?
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What are some options for buying a car with bad credit?

There are many options for buying a car with bad credit. Some options for buying a car with bad credit include taking out a loan from a company and taking out a loan from a friend or family member.

Can you still get a car loan even if you have bad credit?

A car loan is considered a personal loan. While bad credit makes it harder to get any loan, individual car dealers decide whether they will allow a car loan with bad credit. A personal loan is an unsecured loan.

How can you negotiate on your car loan with bad credit and no money?

If you have bad credit and no money you should not be looking at a loan. Get your life straightened out first. Cars are not required, good credit is.

How to Refinance a car loan with bad credit?

First you should seek out your local bad credit car loan providers, and ask them to provide you the re-financing car loan. In this situation the normal lenders will most likely turn your down.

How can one get a auto loan refinance with a bad credit?

One can get an auto loan refinance with bad credit from several providers of this type of loan from such companies as, Road Loans, Get Me Car Finance and Midland Credit.

Where can one get a car loan with bad credit?

There are many places one can get a car loan with a bad line of credit. There are companies online that offer services in helping with bad credit, some of them include Easy Auto Lenders and Cars Direct.

Where would a person with bad credit go to get a car loan?

There are many places one might go get a car loan if one had bad credit. One of the best options for anyone seeking a car loan would be one's financial institution.

Where can you get a bad credit loan?

Yes, you can get Bad Credit Loan.

When someone with bad credit wants to apply for a car loan what can they do to improve their chances?

If you have bad credit and want to apply for a car loan, be honest with the creditor. Let them know you have bad credit, but show that you have made consistent payments on particular bills recently.

If you have bad credit will you get approved for a car loan with a cosigner?


Can you include someones income on a car loan without their bad credit affecting you?

A person cannot include someone's income on a car loan, without their bad credit affecting the outcome of the loan. If another person is placed on the car loan, that other person will also be run through a credit check. This includes cosigner applicants.

How can one obtain a cash loan if they have bad credit?

You can obtain what they call a "Payday Loan" if you have bad credit. Just take along the title to your car and it will be used as collateral for your cash loan. Of course if you don't pay back the cash loan they get to keep your car.

What are some reputable bad credit car loan companies?

There are many bad credit car loan companies that may be able to help. These include Car Finance 247, the Bristol Car Finance company and Capital One Loans.

What bank you can go to get a bad credit loan you and your wife have bad credit?

Yes, you can get Bad Credit Loan.

Which banks will offer a loan to those with bad credit but who need a car?

If one has bad credit and cannot get approved for a car loan through a bank, there are a number of companies that can help. Some options include Cars Direct, Car Loans Canada and 310-LOAN.

Get bad credit loan in Ontario?

Yes, you can get Bad Credit Loan.

Can a person with very bad credit get a car loan if they have a co signer with excellent credit?

Yes they can if they have had another loan with your name and their name.

Where can one find more information about new car loans with bad credit?

Bank Rate is an website which provides information about obtaining a car loan with bad credit. It lists nine steps detailing how to obtain a car loan.

Is it good to have a loan when you have bad credit?

It will be hard to get a loan when you have bad credit. However, if you already have a loan and have bad credit on other things such as credit cards, then keeping your payments current on your loan can help improve your bad credit over time.

Where can someone with bad credit apply for a auto loan?

For people with bad credit it is not impossible to get a car loan. Some financial companies give credit to people who have had past credit issues. Using these companies result in higher interest rate premiums. For the most part you can often qualify for a car loan if you clean up your bad credit rating and applying for loans at the right places. Places you can apply for an auto loan is Bad Credit Auto Loans and Road Loans.

How can you finance a car loan if you have bad credit?

You need to check your credit score to make sure your credit is 600 or over if not you have to either put a larger down payment or pay off some debt before buying a car. The interest on a car loan with bad credit can be very high.

Can you have a co signer with good credit co sign for a car loan if you have bad credit?


Where can one obtain a bad credit car loan in Ottawa?

Ottawa car loan offers many cheap bad credit car loans in Ottawa which accepts people who have a lower credit score than what other companies need. This is a great and reputable company also.

Can you get car loans for bad credit?

This is an interesting question and to actually answer the question would be impossible because no car loan will cure bad credit. However, if the question is supposed to be can I get car loans with bad credit, then the answer is yes you can. It will most likely have a higher interest rate because you are a higher risk, but most dealers have lenders that approve loans for people with bad credit. Yes you can get car loans with bad credit just go interenet there are many sites available who offer car loans with bad credit just apply for car loan there they will contact you if you are eligile.

How can one get in the UK a car loan with bad credit?

Obtaining a car loan in the UK for someone with bad credit will likely have to be done through a sub-market or a broker. Lenders will not typically loan money to those that have a history of not being able to repay the debt.

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