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How do you get a crank sensor out of a 1990 Buick engine if part of it has broken off?


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2015-07-15 21:11:36
2015-07-15 21:11:36

Most crank sensors that mount into the engine block are a type of plastic to insulate the center metal portion. they have broken off on me before and after several dosings of penetrant oil, they will sometimes come loose and pull out. If not, the o-ring that keeps the oil inside the motor is the culprit. I have had good luck heating a 1/8 metal rod, red hot and inserting it into the broken portion of the sensor, trying to keep it as close to the center as possible. Once this has been accomplished, take a long wood screw and thread it into the hole made. then, use a fork type lever to pry on the screw to draw the broken portion out of the block. Be certain to use steady even pulling force on the screw and normally it will pull right out. If all else fails, drop the pan, rotate the crank ring out of the way and drive the broken portion into the block, afterwards simply clean the hole out good and install the sensor and pan gasket!!


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No. The engine won't run with a faulty crank sensor.

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under the crank pulley, right side of car under front of engine

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I can tell you what happened with my Buick. The crank sensor was bad. The engine would start when it was cold but not when the engine was hot. Warner athey The engine computer needs the crank sensor reading to start. Period. Why three periods? Question mark? If the crank sensor is bad that does not mean that it will not function at all. That means that it will not function properly. Even a broken watch will tell you time. It may even be the correct time.

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behind the crank pulley

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