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you got to get somone to listen to you and ask them to get you somthing down by your feet then once they do stick your feet right up tp there face then grab them and make them sniff and lick your toes.

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a few thoughts for a woman who is thinking about having a man who services their feet. now ladies, it doesnt matter if your young or older, skinny or fat, pretty or ugly, there are men out there that are willing to spend considerable time rubbing, kissing, licking your feet. not all foot fetishes are the same, in fact they vary from one end of the spectrum to the other. the trick is knowing what you want and developing a set of rules and standards when choosing a potential footslave. ok so here are some thoughts on the subject:

for some men the foot fetish is the primary source of excitement

for other men the foot fetish is a gateway to a different primary source of excitement, say sexual intercourse.


decide whether you want just a footslave or a footslave/other stuff slave

decide whether you are going to require a fee or donation or work or favor etc.

do you just want to watch tv in your sweat pants while a man licks your feet

or do you want to interact and control your footslave

do you want just casual foot service or do you want a trained foot specialist?

of course you can experiment to get a feel what works best for you.

decide hard limits on things like masturbation, if that grosses you out, then make your candidates are aware that everything stays inside the pants in the email. you could state directly..."i am seeking a man to service my feet without sexual gratification, will you respect that?"

however if you dont care what he does to himself or that turns you on knowing a man is climaxing to the soles of your feet then dont even bring it up in the email.

heres the process i recommend:

if you are unfamiliar with the foot fetish scene, then begin doing some research

online at Google and watch what footslaves are doing in videos and begin figuring out the scenario that fits your needs. its a tradeoff, you get your feet rubbed and attended to in exchange for fufilling their fantasy.

decide on your limits and standards...

what is too old or too young and white, black, chinese etc

begin placing ads at sites like Craigslist or whereever you feel comfortable.


this is where you need to be suuuper picky. if you place the ad right, you should get a mountain of responses with many good foot fetish candidates.

all of the usual rules apply. weed out all rude, ignorant, and disrespectful people. dont even respond if they can spell 99% of the response correctly. a good foot slave candidate will take a lot of pride in his response to you.

in this order:

go from online ad to email to text to phone call to meet in person at a public place to your place (or whereever for now). use each step to weed out anyone who doesnt meet your standards.

an ad could look like this:


when on the phone with your candidate, ask questions about his foot fetish, its is very important to sound very open minded at first because he lets his guard down and tells you what he really wants. if he can talk about his foot fetish freely then he like has a foot fetish. but be prepared to weed out anyone who spends very little time talking about what he likes to do with feet when you ask them direct questions about what they like to do.

meet that person in a public place for coffee as a final check to see if you like him, and by now there are plenty of email and phone records for any funny business to be traced to for your protection. I recommend creating a separate email account to help maintain your anonimity and to keep this organized and separate.

oh by the way, if you are in the orlando area and needs a five star foot session, or have a question about finding a footslave i can be contacted at

happy hunting!


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Foot slave is a person who his submitted his life under the dominating feet and gorgeous shoes heels of his owner lady as most obedient and submissive.He is belong to the beautiful feet and shoes of that lady as devotee and worshiper of feet . Foot slave is the footlicker and shoelilicker of his owner lady and her all females friends.Foot slave have to obey his owner lady and have to carry all order as footservsnt.He have to the mantra in his heart and mind that his right place is under the feet of that dominant lady. That lady can dominate her foot slave under feet as she wish at anytime anywhere ( parties, clubs etc) alone/ multiple. He have remember always men are slaves and obey to female supremacy.He will always controlled by that dominant lady under her/ their feet as life time foot salave.

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Q: How do you get a foot slave?
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What is a foot slave-?

A foot slave is a person who sexually interested in feet. It is a common form of sexual fetishism.

What is a male foot slave-?

A male foot slave is a a man who licks other person's feet in a romance session.

What is a foot slave?

A foot slave (sometimes hyphenated as 'foot-slave' or written as a single word 'footslave') is a submissive foot-fetishist. The term has nothing to do with historical slavery, although slaves in the Ancient World were often required to attend to their masters' and mistresses' feet.

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i lovr=e to be slave.

What is a male foot slave?

A male who submit his life at the feet of dominant females as most obedient Submissive .He belongs her feet untill his death.The male foot slave have to surrender his body and mind under the dominting feet and shoes heels. Dominant female will keep her foot slave under her feet and can dominate him under her as she like...alone or with her other group of Females anytime anywhere.Foot slave will obey her owner Female.

How do you become a foot slave of Indian mistress?


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Typically a slave.

Why is it that if a guy likes a girl's feet he becomes a foot slave?

Technically he doesn't become a foot slave if he likes her feet. Foot slavery is when the woman is ordering the man to service her feet in various ways. Just liking feet is only a fetish.

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get married, your wife wont mind!

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