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How do you get a guy without being rejected?


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To get a guy without being rejected is easy unless your really ugly. You go up to the guy wear the sluttiest clothes you own and say "Hey i was kind of wondering if you wanna go out sometime?" and have a cute schmexy face. Wear eyeliner, straighten or curl ur hair. trust me it works!!


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you just ask them straight out. you get rejected its ok.. theres always someone out there waiting for you :]] ♥ goodluck.

I believe, being a guy, that a guy that likes you and you know he likes you back is afraid of being rejected and you not liking him.

There are many reasons but it could be that he is frightened of being rejected.

Out of nervousness; the fear of being rejected or turned down can be very stressful.

If he rejected you he already knows you like him. No need to tell him again.

Walk up to her and say I love u and run Away.

Well, the guy may just be afraid of being rejected so he ignores you. He may be embarrassed of rejection. He could have low self-esteem. :)

if he was a baptized member of the church and he rejected an article of faith, then yes. if he rejected any article of faith without being a baptized member of the church then he is free of heresy.

no!!!! if you get rejected once, why go for it again?????

Shy, afraid of being rejected and the old tried and true no balls.

If you want to turn a guy on, without being too obvious, you will need to find out what he likes. If he enjoys an active girl, you might turn him on doing some sort of activity.

Rejected by who? For a job - "thank you for your time and courtesy." For a lover - "bye."

To talk to a guy that you have not talked to in a long time without it being awkward, just talk to him. Talk about things that both of you think about, and make sure that you are honest.

They friends if they rejected you so make some real friends and you will soon forget the ones that rejected you.

One way you can never b rejected is to say this " i really like you your an amazing girl/guy and i think we'd b great for each other so do ya wanna go out" iT ALWAYS WORK foR mE

It gives men and women a chance to have sexual relationships with other people without the fear of being rejected or cheating on their spouse.

The state rejected the criminal's application for a gun license. John was rejected by the Navy but eventually enlisted in the Air Force. The rejected quarter would not come out of the machine, jamming it.

means there scared to get rejected and look bad.

i would suggest writing him a note because if you tell him, it might get akward and then you wont risk getting rejected face to face.

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