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How do you get a husband?


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2011-09-13 02:14:44

talk to boys be cool and funny k?

then if you and the boy or guy are girlfriend and boyfriend DATE!

then if the guy ask you to marry him 1st you should feel confident that you want a life with him or if you don't feel confident say i am not ready for this yet so that's how you get a husband

hehe o yea feel good about you and him k?

k bye :)


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The custom is to mention the person you are speaking to first, then any other person, then yourself. For example: You and your husband; You and my husband; Your husband and I; My husband and I; You, your husband and I; You, my husband and I.

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No, you should not call a dead husband an ex-husband. He should be referred to as the woman's late husband if they were married at the time of his death.

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The form 'allow your husband and me' is correct. The pronoun 'me' is part of the compound object of the verb 'allow'. Example: If you allow your husband and me a little more time we can finish. Other correct examples are using 'your husband and me' as the object of a preposition: ... for your husband and me ... ... from your husband and me ... ... by your husband and me ... ... near your husband and me ... ... to your husband and me ... An easy way to figure out whether I or ME is correct is to remove "your husband" from the sentence. Try it with just I or ME. You should be able to figure out which one is right. Then, add "your husband" back in. Adding "your husband" does not change whether I or ME is correct. Be aware, that the custom is to list yourself last. You should say: Your husband and I, Your husband and me. You should not say: I and your husband. Me and your husband.

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no she didnt have children with her husband......... no she didnt have children with her husband......... no she didnt have children with her husband.........

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