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Present proof of your ownership and the lien contract to court and get a repossession order.

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Q: How do you get a legal order to repossess a vehicle in Oregon?
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Can you repossess a vehicle in a storage lot in Oregon if under contract with the persons that will not pay for it?

The question is extermely unclear. Who is under contract to whom? Bottom line - if you have a valid repossession order giving you legal possession of the vehicle, that should be all you need to seize the vehicle.

If a car that is being repossessed is at a residence of someone else and a vehicle is behind the car to be repossessed can they move it lawfully?

No. Absolutely not. If they enter a vehicle they do not have an order of repossession on, they've committed a crime. They may enter the vehicle they are there to repossess, and only the vehicle they are there to repossess.

Does the vehicle have to be worth more than the amount owing in order to repossess it?

No. Vehicle can be resold, you still take the hit on your credit.

How many days late on a payment do you have to be in order for it to be legal to repossess a car in Florida?

In the state of North Carolina does the reposession man need a Writ of Replevin in in order to repossess a vehicle?

habeas corpus

Is it legal in Maryland for a repo agent to enter your closed garage at night to repossess your vehicle?

It is NOT legal to enter a garage in any state to repo a car, unless the repossession agent has a replevin order issued by the court that holds jurisdiction. Call a local attorney.

Can other personal property be moved in order to repossess a vehicle?

Yes. But you could potentially sue for any damage caused.

Is it legal to repossess a vehicle out of an open garage?

Yes it is and they can tow your car away if you are parked at work! * In the majority of US states a repossession agent cannot remove a vehicle from a garage locked or unlocked, closed or open unless the agent has a replevin or other type of court order.

Are switchblades legal in Oregon?

Switchblades are in fact legal to posses in Oregon, although to carry it with you, in order for it to be legal, it CANNOT be concealed (this means it has to be visible). If you are under 18, be careful, it's illegal to carry.

Do you need Oregon drivers license to register car in Oregon?

No, it is not necessary to possess a drivers license in order to register a vehicle.

Can you misrepresent yourself to repossess someones car?

No, it is illegal to impersonate someone else in order to repossess a vehicle or another asset. For example: You can't tell the R/O of the vehicle that you're from the dealership and are going to detail the car on their behalf as part of a customer loyalty reward.

Can a finance company repossess a vehicle in Louisiana when the loan originated in tewas?

Yes. Lenders repossess vehicles in states other than the one they are located in on a regular basis. No prior notice, replevin order or license is needed for a repo agent to take possession of the vehicle.

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