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How do you get a new AC compressor started on a 1987 Pontiac 6000 since it is low on freon?


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2015-07-15 21:45:00
2015-07-15 21:45:00

You can get a retro-kit at Wal-Mart or local parts store with complete instructions. You can jusmp out pressure switch at accumulator with paper clip to start compressor during refill procedure

hey if you do not have freon in the system you have to go to an auto repair shop that does a/c work and have the system vacuumed down to 3in hg.then you can add freon this cant be done by you unless you have an a/c vacuum pump and the proper connection hoses and gauges. don`t know if you`ve had the car retrofitted to except r134 instead of the r112 that year came with, because if you hav`nt you ca`t buy r112 without an license. but all you have to do is go to auto zone or pep boys and buy a refit kit for about 40 bucks. change the nozzles yourself add in the oil and then go to your a/c shop and let them pull a vacuum on your system then add the freon from the kit and hope you don`t have a leak somewhere hope this was able to help you out


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The 2002 Saturn does not use "Freon" since Freon was manufactured by DuPont. Most vehicles since mid 1990's have been using 134A refrigerant.

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Chemical instability of mixing a CFC and HFC together increases the risk of fireExcessive system pressure resulting in damage to or destruction of AC system componentsImproper lubrication of the compressor since the R134a won't carry the oil used for R12 systems properly

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