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The Mitsubishi dealership is the only place to get the code.

To give you the code they will need the serial number off of the radio its self. To access the code remove the ashtray, anything in the drink holders and items stored in the cubby under the radio. Next, using your finger nails, pry off the section of dashboard that surrounds the radio and houses the ashtray, cubby and cigarrete lighter. Start at one of the seams on the sides and lift first one side then the other. It should come off very easily due to the fact that this piece is secured by metal spring clips rather than the normal plastic clips that are not intended to be removed. Once the panel has released unplugg the cigarrette lighter noting which connector goes were and set the panel aside. You will see that the radio is secured to a bracket which in turn is secured to the dashboard by four Phillips head screws. Remove those screws. Now you can pull the radio out far enough that you can read the serial number. For reassembly reverse the above steps ensuring that you carefully guide the lighter connectors back thru there hole in the dash, if they get caught on the edge you risk damaging them and the panel will not go back on easily.

Now that you have the serial number, the dealership can quickly give you the code to restore function to your radio. They should require proof of ownership due to the fact that this is an antitheft feature. Detailed instuctions for entering the code can be found in the owners manual. If you don't have the owners manual the dealer can provide those instructions. Be careful entering the code because after a few incorrectly entered codes the radio with permanently disable itself. Once that happens the only solution is a new radio.

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Q: How do you get a radio code for a 2001 Mistubishi Mirage?
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