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First of all, it might be smart to go over with a lighter liquid base. Then, cover up with your normal color powder. Sometimes, adding blush draws attention away from the uneven skin tones also. Hope I helped! One thing most women don't realize is they have a layer of dead cells on their face just like the rest of their body. They must get this layer of dead cells off or expensive to cheap creams will not do the job and just lay on the top surface of the skin. Glycolic acid in creams (Neo Strata) puts out a good one with 8% Glycolic acid .. (you don't need a higher percentage) and put that on either during the day or night. This takes off the dead skin cells and thus, you can buy a more inexpensive cream to keep moisture in your skin. I use Glycolic acid creams (Neo Strata) and my skin is flawless. I've done it for a long time and I'm 65 and have many compliments on my skin with few wrinkles. I use "Dove" skin creams for moisture and I have often just put on a bit of blush, lipstick, mascara and that's it. Of course eating well, exercising and drinking those 8 - 8 ounce glasses of water are good for your skin as well. The skin is the largest breathing organ on your body!

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Do you get spots if you put makeup on?


How do you lighten dark spots in skin?

Use makeup - contour

Why is it important to wash makeup off?

The reason why it is important to wash makeup off is your skin pores will be blocked by the makeup therefore you will get spots. After a while your skin will become dry.

Does makeup give you spots?

Depends what you mean by spots.... well if you have a lot of acne then you will probably get more acne and if you scratch that off then you could get acne scars and they will look like spots. :)

Does make-up give you spots?

Hi there, I'm a makeup artist, do you have oily skin? As you just might be using the wrong type of foundation. If you have oily skin, and are using a foundation for oily skin this will increase the amount of spots you are getting. And do you apply your makeup with your fingers? It's best to apply makeup with either a latex sponge or a makeup brush (Foundation brush) as the less you touch the skin, the less bacteria is transferred onto the skin, (which causes spots) If you have any other makeup questions feel free to email

Why does a dalmatian dog have spots?

== == That's like saying why is the Sun hot?? Or why do cats have long nails?? Dalmatians have spots because it's in their genetic makeup.

Why do dalmatians have spots?

I read that it's because it's in their genetic makeup. but I don't know for sure.

How do you differentiate between giraffes?

if your talking about boy and girl the girls spots are lighter colored

What are makeup stands?

to cover any spots, scars and makes you look millions better especially if you are ugly

What types of facial flaws can Bare Essentials Makeup over?

Bare Essentials Makeup can cover many different skin flaws. It will cover freckles, uneven skin tone, age spots and uneven tan lines. It can also cover birth marks and beauty spots as well.

Why is your leopard gecko lighter?

All leopard geckos have different color shades, patters, and spots. There are also the albino leopard geckos, who have no spots at all- really cool

Are ladybugs without spots poisonous?

Not to humans

Are cheetahs born without spots?


How do you get rid of spots in an hour?

It would depend on what caused the spots and where the spots are located. Without more information, there is not enough to answer the question more specifically.

Does a black ice zippo lighter scratch?

Hell yes. Looks cool though on a brushed one.You get lighter (as in less dark) spots on it when the Black ice comes off.

Why are there light and dark spots on the moon?

the moon is naturally the lighter of the two colors. the dark spots are the results of several huge impacts which caused molten lava pulled by earths gravity, to surface and solidify. The spots are formally known as mare.

What are the health risks to wearing vanity makeup?

Yes wearing vanity makeup brings you a small risk. The biggest risk is your skin drying out which leads to pimples or red spots when you are allergic for one of the ingredients.

What is the name of the spots on an Appaloosa?

Well the spots themselves are called spots. But there are different patterns including; Blanket ( with or without spots) Leopard, Snowflake, Marbled, Frosted, Few true spots, and several other recognized patterns.

Are dalmatians born without spots?

Pretty much. They are white with very faint, little black spots.

Can eye makeup effect your skin?

Eye makeup encourages premature aging, so therefore you shouldn't wear makeup in large amounts and use Also, most eye makeup contains oily bases, meaning it can clog pores, and course spots, etc. (You should always cleanse your skin after wearing makeup to prevent this, using toners containing witch hazel will also tighten pores to prevent makeup damage.)

Why do some ladybugs have no spots?

the "ladybugs" without spots are not really ladybugs. there is a type of beetle related to the common ladybug that has no spots. some say they are poisoness but they are actually harmless. If you want to know the name of this beetle go search on google "ladybugs without spots" or "read beetles."

Discover How To Put On Make Up?

Makeup improves the way your skin looks but the way you apply your makeup can make a difference in the final result. Try brushing loose face powder on your eyelid before applying eye shadow. Your eye shadow will stay on longer because the eye shadow can grab onto the face powder. If you need to hide a few spots on your face, try buying a concealer a shade lighter than your foundation color. This will help your spots fade when applying your foundation color. Buy a white pencil eyeliner and apply to lower lids. This trick is used by makeup artist to make your eyes appear brighter.

What happens if you put an egg in a coffee?

When you put it in coffee it starts to turn a lighter brown and gets spots on the inside.

What does a leopard marking on a horse look like?

Leopard markings on a horse look like large or small spots on the coat, there can be a lot of them or very few, they can also be darker than the base coat, or lighter than the base coat. When the spots are lighter than the base coat it is called snowflake.

Is a dalmatian born without spots?

They are born without them, as they get older they gradually start to appear.

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