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I am assuming that the car payments are not being made and your credit is being hurt. Short of playing repo man/woman yourself--you need consult an attorney before you do anything.

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Q: How do you get a vehicle back which you co-signed for?
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Do you have the right to take possession of a vehicle you cosigned when the person not making payments?


If you cosigned for a vehicle loan and made the borrower sign and notarize a letter stating that in the event of default on the loan the vehicle automatically reverts back to you how do you enforce it?

Hire a lawyer and if the lawyer can't get it back for you, take them to claims court. You'll win for sure.

What rights do i have to a vehicle that my wife cosigned for me but the title is in her name because i don't have a license?


If you co-sign for a vehicle do you have to be on the car's title?

NO, and shouldn't want to be unless you don't have faith in the one you cosigned for.

If a person cosigned for you and their name is on the title are you required to pay them back?

only if you owe them money

If you cosigned for a vehicle will this hurt your chances of purchasing another one?

It depends on your debt to income ratio and the total amount finance of the other vehicle. If you can afford two cars, it should not be a problem.

How do you go about getting a car back that you cosigned for if the other person is not making payments?

CALL THE LENDER. They can advise you and work with you.

How can you get your name off of a car note you have cosigned on?

you and the party you cosigned have to talk to who you have the note with and they should be able to help you out

How can you get out of cosigner even through you already cosigned?

Pay the loan off and then collect payments from the person you cosigned for.

If you cosigned on a car loan and the car got repoed can you get the car back if you pay the loan off?

Yes, You are still considered a signer of the note. You will have to pay repo costs and any other charges that may have occurred, but you have every right to get vehicle back. talk to your bank where the loan was processed and they should help.

I cosigned for my son in laws car he went bankrupt the court made him get rid of the most exp vehicle Its been on my credit for 5 years how do you get it off I thought there was a class action suit?

You are better off to give the money to someone rather than cosign. Cosigning means that you are responsible for that debt if the person you cosigned for doesn't pay up. The court would have your son-in-law sell the vehicle and pay the bank back and whatever is left over is your responsibility. Go to the bank you and your son-in-law went too and they will straighten things out for you.

How can you sue the person you cosigned for?

if you are from 'merica

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